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EOP Erase One Part is a Windows XP compatible small sized keyboard eraser software. This product offers a one-touch erasing feature and is intended for use on touch screen smartpens, touch pads, and the like. The software comes with four distinct eraser patterns, namely, Diamond, Pearl, Emerald, and Star. Each of these pattern has its own corresponding tool. With EOP Erase One Part you can write on any surface with your touchpad or stylus.

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EOP Erase One Part Apk

The four eraser patterns can be used simultaneously or independently. For example, when you switch to Diamond mode, this eraser application will erase any text that is underneath it. When you move your finger to the right border of the eraser window, it will start to move up. Then, if you move your finger to the left border of the eraser window, it will move down. You can repeat this process as many times as you want.

Limited Features

The majority of the products in the marketplace have limited features. Although they may have similar functions, each eraser application is still unique. As a result, it may prove very difficult for you to choose the perfect eraser for your specific requirements. However, this is where EOP Eraser comes in.

Eraser Applications

Most of the eraser applications in the marketplace lack several important features. It lacks touch sensitivity, voice recognition, and auto highlight. On the other hand, EOP Eraser has all these necessary features. This eraser application contains a user friendly interface, which allows you to use it with confidence.

Moreover, the software contains various other useful features, such as, eraser export, undo/redo, pencil draw shortcut, multiple eraser support, eraser rotation, and image modification.

Editing Tools

One of the most widely used editing tools today, the eraser tool is used for practically every type of graphic designing work. If you wish to enhance your graphics, logos, or other artwork, this tool can help you do so in an easy way. This eraser is capable of making lines and shapes become more defined. In fact, it can be compared to Photoshop and Illustrator when it comes to versatility and powerful features.

The EOP Eraser Software

The EOP Eraser software is available for purchase or for free download on the internet. It is not complicated to operate the software. Basically, you need to follow the instructions to install it.

For example, you need to open an internet browser and visit the website of EOP. Once you reach the home page, you can select the ” Download Manager” icon from the menu. Once you have chosen the software, you can download it and install it in your system.

After Installation

After installation, you should be able to use the eraser application by clicking on the “Start” button and then “Run”. By clicking on this option, you will be able to access the eraser from the main menu. Another option is by selecting “My Computer” from the “Control Panel” window. From here, you will be able to locate the eraser application and click on the “Start” button.

Logo Designing

You should find the eraser useful especially for logo designing and other artistic works. In addition to that, it is a great graphic design tool that offers a number of features. Most importantly, it has a free version for your use.

Although there are several versions of the eraser product for sale on the market, the free version is considered to be the best version of this eraser. You can download the free version from the internet in order to use it without worrying about spending any money for the product.

PDF File

The software that comes with the free version of the eop eraser will allow you to export the files that you have created in a PDF file. You can also import these PDF files in other applications so that you can create more works. When you download the product, you should pay close attention to the features included in the software.

In particular, the eraser is designed to be easy to use, so if you are not familiar with the basic functions of computers, you should consider downloading the free version.

Simple Design

As a result of the simple design and easy to use features of the eraser, many users prefer to purchase this product instead of investing in the products sold on the market. In most cases, these products are sold at a very high price. If you can find a way to save a few dollars when purchasing this eraser, you should do so.


In addition to the benefits that the eop eraser offers, it may be worthwhile for you to purchase the products sold online. In fact, there are several sites that sell electronic products, including the eraser application. These sites may offer you a lower price than those that are found in stores.

Also, when you purchase an eop eraser from an online vendor, you will not have to pay sales tax. Although there are a number of reasons that you should consider downloading the free version of this eraser, the main one has to do with tax savings.

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