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Get ready to immerse yourself into the wonderful fantasy world of Empires & Puzzles together with Empires & Puzzles mod. Experience and explore many exciting in-game events as well as challenging the enemy units with your amazing magical element powers. A rich selection of quests, powerful creatures and enemy encounters are waiting for players who choose to delve deeper into the enchanting world of The Forgotten Islands.

Take on the role of a mighty warrior who commands a great army and seek out epic treasures or quest through deadly dungeons and dark lands. Earn unlimited gold and get access to the ultimate weapons as you enjoy the ride through the ages of your empire.

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Empires & Puzzles

Empires & Puzzles is a free-will action role-playing game that gives players the freedom to choose between a wide selection of unique quests. You can lead your own campaign which may pit you against dragons, dark lords, mythical creatures and mythical treasures. Or perhaps you could be the tactician behind an intriguing political campaign as you lead your troops from the front and lay claim to the land with magic.

If you want to take on all sorts of challenges then the in-built tactical battle abilities will allow you to build your very own massive armies as well as design the perfect battlefields.

Conquer Regions

To play you need to build up your forces as you conquer regions on the map. Players earn experience points (ISP) every time they are battled, repaired or bought. These ISPs are used to recruit new troops, buy new equipment or purchase powerful magic items for your units. Each and every new recruit you make costs 100 ISP and each new repair costs double the amount. Get unlimited money, unlimited health potions and unlimited armor and never be asked to pay for anything!

Fantasy Themed

Empires & Puzzles is another fantasy themed rpg game where you play as one of few original characters. Your task is to explore the land, conquer cities and uncover the mysteries behind artifacts that can only be found if you have the right artifacts. This fast paced quest-filled game offers a unique gameplay experience that is highly addictive and fun.

Challenging Side Quests

The mod also includes several challenging side quests, new game modes including “campaign mode” and “guest mode”, a rich list of artifacts to discover, exciting achievements and exciting player versus player competitions all over the world. Empires & Puzzles also offers two free add-ons that further enhance its already outstanding gameplay. These add-ons include “Hovertown”, “Dawn of Machines”, “Lodestone” and “Gleaming”.

Buy Empires

You can buy empires & puzzles mod apk through our website without any charge at all. It has been tested and verified to be 100% safe for all android devices. You will get a link in your inbox once you purchase it. You need to install it within your device and follow the onscreen instructions provided. You can simply enjoy the amazing game play and excitement brought about by this latest version of the classic puzzle game.

Detailed Features

If you want to see the detailed features of the game, you can visit our blog. Here you will get ready to play the mod right away. In this latest version of Empires & Puzzles, you get to experience a whole new world that is filled with intriguing details. Players can now customize their favorite races and pit their wits against the creatures that are out to get them. The developers have definitely succeeded in making the visuals very enticing and visually appealing.

Powerful Dungeon

When it comes to real time strategy games, Empires & Puzzles stand right at the top. Players can take on the role of heroes as they wage an epic battle against the powerful dungeon dwellers using their unique weapons and armors. You can also choose to be a member of a particular faction as you wage war against the opposing factions. This rpg game also promises a lot of hidden benefits which is why it has carved a niche for itself in the gaming industry.

Classic Puzzle Solving

Empires & Puzzles is yet another classic puzzle solving gameplay that is guaranteed to satisfy and entice gamers across the globe. It uses the Unity Web Platform and is available through Steam. The Steam version comes with a few special additions such as the ‘Survivor mode’, which has been modified to match the gameplay of the original release,


the ‘Cooperative mode’ where two players take up the role of heroic survivors going into battle together, and the’Epic Battle mode’ where players get to take on a randomly generated epic battle. The game can also be played through the Classic Game option, which has the same old gameplay as the original release, but with remade graphics and music.

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