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Emoji Puzzle is a challenging online game in which you match an Emoji with its corresponding pair. It can be compared to a crossword except that it also has a dictionary of Emoji available to help you out. The more you play, the more difficult these puzzles become, so it is important to pay close attention as you go on to discover the answer quickly.

Just like traditional crosswords, you must use the correct Emoji in the correct context to trigger the correct result. As an added bonus, Emoji Puzzle also comes with its own dictionary of Emoji, helping you learn about some of the most obscure Emoji used.

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Emoji Puzzle Apk

Emoji Puzzle is an interesting application offering both its game mechanics and its dictionary of Emoji. Like most things in the app, there are a variety of Emojis to use ranging from common ones such as hearts and stars to obscure ones such as lemons. In addition, Emoji Puzzle comes with a puzzle maker, which allows the player to build his or her own puzzle using the pre-made Emoji that is provided by the game.

After completing a puzzle, the results reveal the Emoji that was used in completing it. There is a list of Emoji, as well as its English translation, which makes learning about Emoji easier.

Cartoon Style Visuals

Apart from the game mechanics, Emoji Puzzle is also filled with exciting and fun cartoon-style visuals. This, in combination with the colorful Emoji drawn all over the puzzle, makes the whole experience unique. Moreover, its use of Emoji, especially the popular Japanese Emoji, makes this puzzle game all the more entertaining.

Emoji Visual Displays

You will not only enjoy learning more about Emoji, but at the same time, you will also get to see them in action through the use of the Emoji visual displays that appear onscreen. The great thing about this is that there are no limits as to how many Emojis one can use in any puzzle; thus, ensuring that the game stays exciting and fresh for all users.

Neat Interface

Emoji Puzzle has a neat interface, which makes it easy for even a new user to get a grip with the game and master the tricks of the trade. The primary goal of the game is to try to unlock the Emoji used in the puzzle, and this is achieved by using correct Emoji choices while filling in the blanks. The game is not too challenging, and hence, a new user will find it very easy to learn the ropes without having to face any big challenges.

Learn Interface

Apart from its easy-to-learn interface, Emoji Puzzle is loaded with a number of unique features that make it stand apart from other Emoji puzzle games. The first noticeable feature is its usage of hyper-casual development. Emoji are simply arranged in a variety of ways, and a player’s guesswork will not be able to determine any difference between an Ice Cream Emoji and the Jellybean Emoji.

A player can simply fill in the blanks and move on to the next Emoji. Emoji that are too close to their traditional representation in the real world can lead to some confusion amongst players.

Unique Aspect of Emoji

Another unique aspect of Emoji Puzzle is its use of an exhaustive dictionary that lists all the Emojis used in the puzzle. The dictionary, therefore, ensures that a player gets an accurate description of each Emoji used in the puzzle. Many of the Emoji that appear in the puzzle are not widely used, so the developers of Emoji Puzzle have ensured that these are correctly represented.

Another interesting thing about Emoji Puzzle is that, it allows for players to combine more than one type of Emoji in a single Emoji. This is possible because of the complete lack of limitations on the emojis that appear in the puzzle.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics of Emoji Puzzle can be controlled by a simple touch of a button. While it may not seem important when you’re only trying to pass a time with your friends, it could help us understand how gaming mechanics are crafted and what kind of game mechanics can be expected from future games.

Design of Emoji

There is no question that we are just beginning to understand how Emoji are constructed, but the design of Emoji Puzzle is still relatively open. This means that new types of Emoji could become available in the future, which would allow users to enjoy more choices than what we have at present. An open-door policy like this could help us understand better how game mechanics work.


On top of that, Emoji Puzzle is free to download from its website. Unlike most other games, this one has no purchase price and is accessible to all. It also has a fairly intuitive interface, which makes it easy for players to learn the basics of how Emoji are arranged. All in all, Emoji Puzzle is not only a unique puzzle game but it is also one with a great story.

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