Emoji Match Apk (Mod Features Latest Version)

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Emoji Match is a game which allows players to create their own Emojis based on various famous cartoon characters. If you’re planning to purchase this application, it is recommended that you buy the “MAX” version. It gives access to 4 new Emoji themes. It can be a fun and exciting way to add some personality to your Emojis.

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Old Style

Emoji Match iPhone and iPad are similar to the old style Emoji Match games but they have many challenges which make them even more exciting. For example, in Emoji Match iPhone and iPad, you can make your own Emojis and then connect with people around the world and play with their Emojis.

Collection of Emoji

You can also compete with other players and add to your collection of Emoji. In addition, you can also make your own Emoji Match and connect with friends who have also bought the program. The Emoji Match iPhone and iPad versions allow you to connect with many other Emojis from different countries and cultures.

Emoji Match iPhone

Emoji Match iPhone and iPad versions let you compete against friends as well. You can race against your friends for highest score, purchase new Emojis and Emoji themes, compare Emoji Match colors, and learn about many challenging levels. The Emoji Match Facebook page lets you learn about the latest Emoji matches, and provides links to the Emoji Match downloads.

Emoji Match Features

Emoji Match features many unique features not seen on any other Emoji Match. For example, there is a special block mode. When you are using one of these Emoji Games, you can change your Emoji through the settings.

These Emoji blocks change with different icons; for example, blocks that look like hearts are replaced with stars, and hearts are replaced by the various Emoji icons. In addition to Emoji blocks, you can change your username and your game modes.

Own Puzzles

Another Emoji Match feature includes the ability to create your very own puzzles with the Emoji Match maker. You can choose from many different puzzle modes, including one that contains only letters of the alphabet or one that contains numbers.

There are also several creative puzzle modes, including ones that have an endless amount of letters or number of letters. You also can set the difficulty of each puzzle mode to reflect the level of difficulty of the Emoji Match itself.

Well Designed Emoji

Emoji Match features many interesting and well-designed Emoji that are easy to identify. These Emoji are used as buttons, and they are even used in the customizations of the game.

You can customize your Emoji Match by changing their color and adding special effects to them. You can find many different Emoji blocks that are available as well, including hearts, stars, words, faces, animals, and many other Emoji that will really help you personalize your Emoji Match.

Emoji Friends

Emoji Match offers many exciting and innovative features that you will truly enjoy using. Using your keyboard and mouse or a game controller will provide you with the most fun. But if you’d rather play Emoji Match the cool way, the Emoji Match Master is a great way to connect with all of your Emoji friends and have loads of fun solving puzzles, making your own Emoji Match challenges, and connecting with the other Emoji Master players on the Emoji Match.

Match Master

The Emoji Match Master allows you to use your logic and use your brain to solve the various puzzles in the game. This is perfect for people who are still learning how to use their brain to solve basic puzzles or for people who are not sure how to solve some of the Emoji Match challenges on the Emoji Match website.


Emoji Match is one of those games that has been designed from the ground up to be a social experience as well as a puzzle game. It is well-designed to allow you to use both your logic as well as your Emoji skills to unlock the Emoji secrets and unlock new Emojis as you play the game. You can even start off by using only Emoji blocks to create your Emoji matches. If you are looking for an Emoji Match that is fun, challenging, and creative, then look no further than Emoji Match.

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