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Egg Wars, a free iPhone game is available online for download from iTunes. The Egg Wars apk has many graphical effects which mimic the appearance of popular Internet applications like Flash and Java.

The free version has only 20 levels, however, they are very addictive and players can progress to the next level by unlocking the next level. In the paid version of the Egg Wars iPhone game, users can unlock the additional ten levels for an additional fee.

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Egg Wars APK

Egg Wars apk is basically a text-based version of computer games like Space Invaders. It is an arcade-style game in which a spaceship, guided by a laser beam, is attacked by aliens who arrive on the scene to take over the Earth. To defend the eggs produced by the mothership, various alien creatures are fired upon by the mothership itself.

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The objective of the game is to destroy the attacking aliens and avoid being taken over by the other creatures. A new feature in the game is the “weapons system”, in which players can build four types of weapons which include missiles, laser,s, and plasma rays,s and use them to attack the aliens and their corresponding satellites.

Different Enemies

Egg Wars Mod Apk is an enjoyable and challenging iPhone game. The controls are simple enough that even beginners in the iPhone world can enjoy the game. To attack the aliens, the user just needs to point the cursor to them.

The different enemies consist of: cannon, fighter, tank, barge, and pirate. These four types of enemies will return repeatedly and one must destroy them all to win the game. There are also “timer” types of missions that will prevent the player from getting damaged or killed.

The graphics of Egg Wars look very similar to those of some popular mobile games. The background of the planet is randomly generated. The foreground and main characters of the Egg Wars Mod APK are very well drawn and very pretty.

The different weapons and power-ups used by the players are also very exciting and provide excitement like none other. Some of these power-ups can even be customized to give a unique feel.

Average Level

When it comes to the actual game itself, Egg Wars is not too hard. It takes about fifteen minutes for an average level to be cleared. When this mission is complete, a message will appear that informs you that you have won! The winner is the player with the most points. Different levels have a different set of rules, giving you, even more, to look forward to.

Egg Wars Mod Apk Download

The controls for the game are simple and straightforward. Moving the cursor over an egg will make it pop out revealing the contents. Hitting an alien egg will make it spill out revealing the alien creature inside. Hitting a trader will allow you to collect the eggs. Each stage has a timer that will prevent you from spending too much time looking for eggs.

Egg Wars Mod Apk is very addictive. The graphics and sounds are very exciting. Although there are very few levels, the amount of content is huge and there are plenty of things to keep you playing. The best part is that the game doesn’t use any flash.

Excellent Graphics

If you enjoy playing flash games, then you will love Egg Wars. It’s free and provides hours of fun. The game is well made and has excellent graphics. The game may get repetitive at times, but overall it’s a great game and one that any Wii player should play.

Egg Wars Mod Apk is very easy to pick up. It has all the basic elements you would expect. The goals are simple and when you complete them you unlock more eggs. A new egg is added every week which makes the game much easier to continue playing.

You can also purchase power-ups which give you an extra boost through the levels. These power-ups run for a limited amount of time and need to be used wisely otherwise they will be wasted.

Different Islands

Egg Wars is more than just a typical puzzle game. When you first start up the game you will be given a large map full of different islands. However, if you like your puzzles a little bit challenging you can find other islands on the other side of the map. Once you have unlocked the cave on the other side of the map, there are other challenges waiting for you on this island and others around it!

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Overall Egg Wars Apk is an exciting and funny game that will provide hours of entertainment. The graphics and sound effects are top-notch. The controls do not make it too challenging but they are easy enough for children to learn with.

My only real complaint about Egg Wars Mod Apk is that the power-ups take forever to unlock the cave and I feel that the graphics could have been better. Other than that, I really enjoy Egg Wars and recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable yet easy game!

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