Edge of Combat Mod Apk For Android (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Edge of Combat is a game that will not be soon forgotten. The game involves some interesting concept like that of mercenary forces, wherein you are required to hire them and wage war against an opposing faction. However, this isn’t all. The game also has another interesting element. In fact, it deals with your own personal computer and your PC is the hero here.

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Special forces

It is implied, very briefly, that special forces or hired Mercs are the main protagonists in the game. Also known as the best, they possess the capability to fight solo and accomplish assigned tasks easily and quickly. However, if you have ever watched Simon West s Extravaganza, you would’ve liked to actually be the best soldier around. The game entails a great deal of hands on play and skill matters here.

First-person perspective

Each class in the game has their own skill set and special talent tree. You can view these trees and skill trees on the in-game guide. Edge of Combat uses a first-person perspective and looks rather intense.

The in-game guide shows a detailed description about each character’s stance, special abilities, weapon usage, and other useful information. It would be advisable to read through the Edge of Combat manual prior to starting your game.


This sci-fi role-playing game is a multiplayer online game. In fact, it would be a good idea to join a guild or start your own faction in this competitive arena. It’s a great way to network and discuss strategies with fellow gamers. As a freelance operative, you have to hone your skills in all aspects of fighting.

You will have to hone your fighting abilities to fend off waves of enemy agents and robots sent from the opposing faction.


Just like any other pvp shooter, Edge of Combat also features a wide array of challenges for you to master. There are a number of maps to test your fighting skills on. Some maps feature difficult battles involving large numbers of opponents. To level up faster, you should concentrate on the easy-going maps that are relatively safer to fight on and easier to master.


Each character in Edge of Combat has its own unique ability set. Every character can use a primary and secondary weapon. You can change your weapons at certain points in your leveling up process. You can also purchase new items to further customize your character.


Edge of Combat features both PvE and PvP. You can switch between playing both games at different times using the in-game hotkeys. The PvE game is split into chapters which pit you against rival factions. There are also challenges where you need to kill a certain number of enemies. These missions are easier to complete if you have a good character and a powerful skill set.

Attractive features

With just about 20 minutes of game play time, you can easily level up to earn a hero according to your skill level. Playing this game will surely help you to relax and have fun while playing the game. This free online game has a number of attractive features that will definitely enhance your experience.

Gaming experience

During the course of your gaming experience, you will meet with several other players who like to take on the challenge of battling it out with others for the honor of being the top player. If you enjoy multiplayer games, then you will certainly find Edge of Combat very interesting.


Since you can play with up to four other players simultaneously, you will have a lot of fun interacting with them and enjoying the competition. Some players even join in groups to take on the challenge of beating each other at Edge of Combat.

Edge of Combat

Edge of Combat can be played single player. Although this game doesn’t allow you to play as a hero, you still have an opportunity to become one by simply earning experience points.

Every time you play, you will earn a new level, which corresponds to the number of kills you make during that time. As you level up, you will be able to select which hero among the many that are available to play as you continue playing.


As you progress through the game, you will find that your hero and the other players begin to understand the various skills that they can employ to win the battle. For example, some units have magical abilities, while others have attack skills.

Certain units also possess defense skills, while some others have support skills. The more skills that are employed by these units in battle, the more advantages that they have in winning the battle.

Combat features

In addition to the actual game play, Edge of Combat features exciting single player campaigns. These campaigns will keep you on your toes, as they give you the opportunity to do something a little different from what you are used to. They also give you an opportunity to see the game through the eyes of an expert player.


However, before starting a campaign you should make sure that you have all of the correct requirements. These will ensure that you are able to play and finish the game without any problems. By playing on the higher difficulties, you will soon discover that Edge of Combat is a truly addictive game.


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