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Earth Protect Squad is a first-person shooter, tactical defense game, with rich tactical challenges available. The game starts with you in the future, as a member of a secret squad protecting Earth from an impending invasion of aliens. You’ll live in a post-apocalyptic survival world where endless levels of activities await.

You’ll start off the game on a perilous mission and go on to complete it in the final battle. You’ll have to utilize a variety of weapons, vehicles, and a whole arsenal of armors to fight off the aliens.

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Earth Protect squad

Earth Protect squad is the latest installment in the Earth Protect series of action/adventure games. The first game, Earth Protect, was developed by Cryptic Studios and published by THQ. This series, which had more than a few sequels, was incredibly successful. It featured well-written stories, excellent graphics, and an awesome selection of weapons and armors.

Fantastic visuals

This combination of fantastic visuals and solid story writing is what made the Earth Protect series so successful. As a result, Cryptic has decided to release a new version of the Earth Protect series called Earth Protect squad, which will be released for a limited time during the Thanksgiving period.

Special forces

In the Earth Protect squad, you play as one of several special forces who are sent into Earth’s final defense against an invasion of aliens who are looking to colonize the planet. You’ll quickly find that your character, called Earth Guardian, has a number of different weapons at his disposal, and you can even customize your gear.


Each of these weapons has its own abilities and uses, so you’ll have to experiment a bit to figure out just how to best get through a variety of missions. Earth Protect squad is broken up into three different groups, each with its own set of mission goals. There is the Earth Guardian, the Earth Defender, and the Earth Marshal, who must each perform their assigned tasks to help the rest of the group complete their goals.

Earth Protect games

Unlike previous Earth Protect games, the Earth Protect squad offers both first-person shooter gameplay and role-playing elements. This means that not only do you have a specific character to play, but you also have a number of different perspectives to take. For example, one of your perspectives is from the ground and is used to examine alien spacecraft and other areas of the game.

Your other perspectives are more aerial, and allow you to scope out the Earth and watch alien cruises. The fourth perspective is from above and is used for vehicle spotting and ground control.

Earth Protect gameplay

To get the most out of the Earth Protect gameplay, you should try playing in all of the game modes, which include all of the popular Earth missions. There are a couple of bonus missions included with the Earth Protect package, and they are fun to complete with your Earth Guardian before moving on to the more difficult Earth assaults and defense missions.

These missions range from “rush hour” style objectives that force you to deploy in as little time as possible, to timed objectives that will require you to bring your entire fleet into an attack against a single target.

Different game modes

You can switch between the different game modes at any time during gameplay by accessing the quick menu and selecting “campaign.” The primary objective of the Earth Protect squad is to protect the Earth and its citizens from an invasion of “agents of chaos.” The different Earth missions include defense, sabotage, offense, and infiltration.

Earth missions

Earth missions vary in difficulty and will be determined by how much you want to accomplish within the time frame. Each game mode is designed around a specific goal, so try making a list of your goals and the mission type to see if you can complete it in one of the available game modes.

Powerful alien

Earth Protect squad is a very exciting game due to its use of a powerful alien weapons system to protect the Earth from an invasion of hostile aliens.

Although Earth Protect features very cool futuristic visuals, it does tend to get a bit repetitive after a while. There is only so much a sci-fi game can do with green foliage and blue skies. The truth is that this game is better enjoyed when you are able to use your imagination and plot unique objectives for each mission and challenge.


Earth Protect is one of the first mods that I have made my own, and although there are quite a few that are similar (and for many people, much better), it is still fairly unique. Earth Protect does a great job of taking the lore of the original game and giving it a somewhat modern feel.

The weapons are well balanced, and using the mod features really makes Earth Protect a fun and exciting game to play. If you are looking for a really cool alien-based aliens combat game that you can play online, then I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

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