Dungeon Hunter 4 Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money/MP)

Dungeon Hunter 4 is an upgraded version of Dungeon Hunter 3. With a storyline that leads up to the events of the fourth installment, Dungeon Hunter 4 puts the hunter in an entirely new light. The game allows players to choose from any one of the four characters. They can be Males, females, or even neutral. All players start at level one, meaning this is the easiest the game has ever been.

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Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4 is jam-packed full of exciting activities, from storyline quests to player versus player (PvE) combat. You can jump into the game any time you want because it uses the Google Android mobile operating system, which runs on a tablet-like an iPhone. With no need to download games to your phone, you can play from anywhere.

Dungeon Hunter 4 features a number of additions and changes that take the role of an actual class, instead of just an ordinary character class. This gives each character something unique to do during each game session.

Undertake Missions

Players take on the role of a hero and undertake missions in an effort to save the world. They are stalked by creatures called demons, which have taken up residence in the mystical lands known as The dungeons. Playing as one of these heroes allows you to role-play whatever character you would like to. Dungeon Hunter 4 gives you the chance to escape from The dungeons and return to the earth.

You have to find the means of protecting yourself from demons while also finding the strength to fight against the other inhabitants of The Dungeon.

Inventory Skills

You can combine your fighting and inventory skills with your inventory management in order to succeed in your quest. This makes the combat in the game more interesting as you have to think ahead on what strategy to use in order to make the best use of everything you have at hand. Inventory management is very important because you have to keep track of every item you pick up.

This adds another element to playing a role-playing game as you have to keep track of which item you will need next. Dungeon Hunter 4 gives you the chance to be in a fantasy world, where dragons prowl and where magical artifacts battle in the name of good versus evil.

Exciting Element

Another exciting element in Dungeon Hunter 4 is the new content that comes with the purchase of the game. New stories and quests are featured, giving players the chance to try out new characters and to level up their characters from the ground up. A popular feature of these quests is the ‘Genshin Impact’ system, where you will be able to use a certain item to trigger special effects in the story and in the game itself.

Latest Version

The latest version of Dungeon Hunter 4 has received a lot of popularity not only for its addictive gameplay but also for the different features it has. One of these features is the Genshin Impact system. This is one of the most unique systems in a role-playing video game, where you can trigger special effects and items through the strategic use of items called Genshin.

The Genshin Impact system enables you to be able to trigger items that will deal out damage to opponents or deal more damage to yourself to ensure you survive longer in combat.

Hassle-Free Experience

As you may have noticed, the makers of Dungeon Hunter 4 made sure that the latest version of the game is available for you to download and enjoy without any problems when it comes to the mobile phone version. You can now enjoy your favorite role-playing game right from your mobile phone, wherever you may go.

Original Version

You don’t have to purchase the original version of the game to be able to enjoy it on your android mobile phone. You can actually play the entire game using the Google Play application, which allows you to download game apps that are supported by the Google Android platform. This way, you will be able to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience as long as you have an android phone.


All you have to do is install the Google Play application and follow the steps given in the setup instructions. Once this is done, you can then log into the game and begin the game. The layout of the interface is pretty much similar to the original version and you can even use the same features as before, aside from the Genshin Icons. The only difference is that you can now directly access the in-game guide that will help you with every step.


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