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Dumb Choices Story, available as a free download from the Google Play Store, is not like your typical time management or budgeting tools.

Sure, you can use it to keep up with your bills and the like, but then what? Are you going to stick to that list you made or are you going to start making new excuses for missing those important calls back home? If you are tired of answering the same old, you will be glad to know that a Dumb Choice is back at it again!

The Developers

I’m sure you have heard of the adage, “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” The developers of Dumb Choices Story took this simple saying and ran with it! Now, not only does this application give you a handy reminder of what bills you need to pay next week, you will now have access to an endless list of things you could possibly forget.

Download Dumb Choices Story Apk Mod

Oh, did I forget to mention that you can also download a free upgrade to unlock the power of the program? Unlimited Access while on the clock, unlimited chances to make stupid mistakes…

A Dumb Choice is an easy-to-use Android app that gives you a quick glance at your upcoming bill while giving you a handful of tips to help you make smarter choices from now on. The main screen contains a handy calendar button that pulls up your upcoming dates.

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Other Buttons

You can see when your cell phone’s date is, as well as what day it is. Other buttons take you to the phone’s settings, such as sending and receiving messages. There is also a “Digg” button that brings up news stories from major news websites.

Along with the smart calendar and push notification features, this app offers many more advanced features for you to unlock. A new “D Dumb Choices Story” mod allows you to access a new selection of questions, which increases the difficulty of answering them.

The ” quiz ” Mod lets you answer multiple-choice questions in a variety of categories, while the ” Recipe Story” lets you cook foods from around the world.

Download Dumb Choices Story Apk

Other unlockable features include the ability to watch YouTube videos, view and store maps, read reviews of restaurants, and browse news stories from around the world. You can also listen to more than one song in your background.

Unlock Unlimited Gems

If you enjoy playing games and keeping your interface clutter-free, then D Dumb Choices Story apk will suit your needs perfectly. This fun game allows you to unlock unlimited gems by making silly choices about your life. For example, you may be asked to choose between getting a new job or buying a new home.

If you opt for the latter, then you automatically get to buy a new home. Unlocking the ability to buy unlimited gems will allow you to spend as much time as you wish on this application, and the points you earn will add up quickly.

The most exciting feature of the Dumb Choices Story apk mod is the ” Recipe Story.” As part of unlocking the ability to buy unlimited gems, this mod features unlimited recipes which will help you level up faster. As you work through the various levels, you will find that you are unlocking new recipes over time, as you complete each level.

Specific Areas

Some of the recipes may require ingredients that are only available in specific areas of the world. The developers knew that players would want to have access to these recipes no matter what kind of gameplay strategy they employed, and have included them for you to enjoy as long as you like.

There is another mod within the Dumb Choices Story apk that provides another way to play the game. After you unlock all of the apk files for the game, you can play it in two different ways. You can either go through all of the levels or just focus on one area by setting up your character to work there.

The leveling features make this particular game enjoyable, as you will be able to use all of your powers to gain experience points as you try to figure out the answer to the puzzle.

Dumb Choices Story Apk Free Download


One of the greatest things about Dumb Choices Story is that it comes with an unlock code, allowing you to get unlimited downloads. It is free, after all, and I’m sure you will not want to miss out on what could become a huge success on the strength of its unique concept and endless replayability.

If you love adventure games with a smart twist, then you will love Dumb Choices. It comes with an unlock code, too, so you can go nuts downloading as many of its episodes as you want. And who knows, if you become addicted, maybe the makers of Google will take notice and start making an android version of this addictive game!

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