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Drop Battle is a browser-based browser game that was created by Gazelle AB. It was released in early 2021 and so far, it has been gaining popularity among gamers around the world. If you are looking for a browser game that would keep you engaged and entertained for several hours, then you should definitely check out the drop battle series.

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Drop Battle Merge

There are many different versions of this game available to play for free and if you just spend some time studying each one, you will be able to identify which is best for your needs. The following article will provide you with all the necessary information on the different variants of this game. You can choose either the “Pro” or the ” Arcade” version of the game and here are the main differences between them.

Browser-Based Interface

Drop Battle uses a browser-based interface that is quite similar to that of Microsoft Flight Simulator. For example, you will need to select a plane from the options on the “cockpit”, select the terrain type from the drop map list and click on the “Start Game” button. In fact, this is pretty much the same way as you would select an aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Drop Battle’s interface is quite clean and clutter-free and that is why it is loved by many. The controls are not too complicated and the game’s mechanics are easy to understand. When two players are selected, the game will automatically choose aside and begin play. Depending on the variation, the game will then change to either Air Battle or a land battle.

German Focke Wulf

When choosing either variation, players can select their planes from an almost unlimited number of variations. Some of these planes include the F-14 Tomcat, Hawker Hunter Cutlass, Grumman Cutlass, Sea eagle, and the Hawker Hunter VS. The German Focke-Wulf FW 190.

Single-Player Mode

Drop Battle’s single-player mode allows up to two players to compete against each other. In this mode, each player flies his own plane and tries to shoot down the others without crashing into the ground. The mission will progress as long as there are two players. Once the two players finish the mission together, the challenge is completed.

Drop Battle Utilizes

Drop Battle utilizes the use of a computer-generated environment which is called the virtual environment. This environment contains hundreds of airports worldwide, controlled by the game’s participants. Each airport offers different challenges for the pilot and the gamer.

Multiple Pilots

Players can select the kind of challenge they want to tackle and even how many times they want to try and complete it before they lose. If there are multiple pilots trying to complete the challenge, each one is presented with new airports to attack. The game ends when one team successfully defeats the other team and captures the control tower.

Flight Simulator X

Drop Battle is played using the Microsoft Flight Simulator X version. This allows the players to choose from many different aircraft including the most popular makes and models. Since most players of Drop Battle do not have experience flying a real airplane, they are not capable of controlling large or long-range planes that could be used in actual combat.

Therefore, players must rely on their expert skills when playing Drop Battle. Learning from the experts, or experienced gamers will help in the battle to prevent the gamers from making mistakes that might cost them the game.

Several Sessions

Drop Battle takes place over several sessions. This means that a player cannot just play the drop mission one day and then move on to another until the next session. The game can last for up to five hours. Since the objective of the game is to drop a plane into a certain area, the session is always started the moment the player selects the drop option from the main menu. The drop takes thirty seconds.

Engage in Drop Battle

Since Drop Battle is one of the few games in which two players are pitted against each other, it provides a great multiplayer mode. This is because it uses the built-in multiplayer system that Microsoft Flight Simulator X has. With this feature, two players can connect with their respective accounts to engage in Drop Battle, without having to worry about being in different locations at the same time.


It also makes it easier for new players who may be hesitant to engage in multiplayer modes in a multiplayer flight simulator game since the multiplayer mode in Drop Battle allows them to learn how to fly the specific model of the aircraft they are using.

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