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Drawmaster is a brand new puzzle-type cartoon-style game on the Android platform. In this game, players must draw an assortment of different archery scenes to defeat all sorts of enemies.

The control for the game is fairly simple and straightforward to learn, thus demonstrating your impressive drawing skills and the overall gameplay is generally quite fun. However, there are a few Drawmaster mod apks that may prove to be useful for you.

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Playing Drawmaster

A lot of people enjoy playing Drawmaster as it is very fun and relaxing, even though the main aim of the game isn’t actually to shoot any enemies. Instead, you’ll need to draw different scenes and then use their drawn flight paths to shoot at an array of enemies as they pass in front of you.

Shooting enemies

This is in addition to the basic task of drawing an entire scene. The draw flight paths function just like those of other popular arcade games on the platform such as Space Invaders. You’ll need to guide your character along a selected path while avoiding obstacles and shooting enemies as they pass in front of you.

Sole enemies

However, many players aren’t aware that the draw masters aren’t the sole enemies in Drawmaster. There’s also an endless amount of balloons that seem to float across the screen. These balloons will continually shoot outwards toward you as long as you can hold down the trigger.

Casual puzzle

As you aim to destroy them, they’ll disappear one by one, allowing you to score points. As a result, this becomes a casual puzzle game which is great for players who aren’t actually going to spend hours playing it, but rather play it whenever they have some free time.

Right arrows

Many users find it difficult to control their Drawmaster as maneuvering the camera can be tricky. The problem with the controls however is that the left and right arrows are not particularly responsive when used in comparison with other similar mods.


Another issue that many players report is that controlling the characters seems to be entirely random at times. It can also seem as if the controls only work for a small portion of the screen, and are then able to be manipulated no matter where you are looking. That said, many users do enjoy the overall gameplay of the mod.


To top it off, the visuals of Drawmaster are among the best available for any mod. The hand-painted 3D style art and style is stunning, and players can take full advantage of it with the various settings which are available. For example, there are areas that are much brighter, as well as ones that feature different effects.


For instance, one might find that the sky is blue in this mod, while another offers a clearer view of the ground with more depth. In addition, there are hundreds of different customizations that players can apply to the sky, environment, and characters which can all be done with the touch of a button!

Rotating objects

Drawmaster on the other hand is focused more on the actual gameplay of the mod than the visuals, but this may not be a bad thing. Drawmaster boasts some impressive numbers when it comes to user satisfaction.


The fact that the interface is so easy to use is just one of the many reasons why players love it, along with the fact that its puzzle gameplay is truly top-notch. The fact that the mod has a very solid physics system also helps, as it makes drawing, painting, and rotating objects realistically and consistently.


Drawmaster can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, but that’s not the only place to get the mod. A number of professional video game developers have made an abundance of their own versions for the Android platform, and most of these are available for free as well.


Drawmaster for Android does have its drawbacks though. For example, its interface is not as refined as that of the regular version, and it lacks some of Drawmaster’s cool features like the particle system. This version does, however, have a lot more positive reviews than its counterpart, Drawmaster Pro.

If you’re looking for a good drawing program for your phone, the Drawmaster mod apk is highly recommended.


Drawmaster Pro, however, gives players all the drawing power they’ll ever need with the power to change their level of detail at will. With Drawmaster Pro, players can paint with high levels of detail, make shadings, and gradients, or even apply filters and enhancements right onto their artwork.


The great thing about Drawmaster Pro, aside from all of its amazing visual effects, is that it also allows players to share their work through a central hub on the Android Market. With Drawmaster Pro, players can easily upload their drawings to the Drawmaster website, where other users can see them and comment on them. That way, all of your hard work can be seen by anyone, anywhere.

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