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The Draw Team module in Google Chrome is an application that enables users to manage their own Draw Team profiles and teams from within Google Chrome. Navigate to the Draw Team page for your current round:

Step one is to check for Draw Team rules. These are located in the footer of the main page, or within the settings section, depending on your version of Google Chrome. Once you have checked these out, the next step is to click the “Create” button. Here you need to fill in the details of the tournament where you want to place your teams and there is normally a field containing four teams to each four places.

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Draw Team

There are various different ways of creating draw teams; the most basic ones would be to pick a random number of teams to form a team. However this does not actually help much in the long run. The best way is to create a blind draw team list where all the teams are hidden until you want them and then select the teams that you want.

This is a very useful feature, enabling you to manage draw teams at your leisure. When you want to pick a team, there is a drop down menu that allows you to pick “blind”, “hide”, “choose”, “set up teams”.

Blind Draw Teams

To make the blind draw teams list more interesting, you can add various features such as comments or criticism. You can even enter relevant criteria into the comments box, such as the minimum score required to win. There is a ranking system used so that you can see the teams in terms of their standing, from the highest to lowest.

Previous Draws

A good way to get started is to have a look at some previous draws; see which teams looked most impressive and exciting to watch. If you do not have any past results for particular teams, try using the “last week” and “season average” fields to generate some ideas.

Draw Teams List

There are various ways in which to manage the draw teams list. The first step is to select teams to be drawn. You can choose teams from your own club or international sides. The next step is to select a minimum score required to win. For example, if your draw team list contains teams like Ivory Coast, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, the minimum score required is based on the team’s current performance against other top sides. You can also manage the draw based on your predicted final league table.

Creating Draw Team

When creating draw team lists, it is worth remembering that the draw should be based on sporting strengths more than anything else. The same goes when managing your team for international games. It is important not to ignore non-sporting factors such as reputation, fan base and commercial success. All of these factors can have an impact on how successful your team will be. By analysing all of these different factors, you can build your team around these key strengths.

Find Good Matches

A draw team list can also help you find good matches for your players. It is often easy to sign up players who are rated highly by the draw. When looking for potential international stars, for example, you may want to include players like Chelsea legend John Terry, Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand, Arsenal ace Mesut Ozil and Argentina superstar Diego Maradona. These sorts of players often have good ratings and will provide a great boost to your team’s performance.


Overall, you want to choose the right draw team list for your team. However, you need to remember that it is ultimately a numbers game and drawing one point does not necessarily guarantee a win. As with many things in life, you get out what you put in. If you don’t have the right motivation and mindset, then your team might lack motivation and find it very difficult to get a win when drawing one is not even remotely on their minds!

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