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DOP: Draw One Part uses an innovative technology in which you draw everything from a simple picture to a complex landscape – all by yourself. You draw all of these things through your cell phone’s screen, and as you complete them you move up to the next level. This fun and addictive game offers many hours of entertainment as you go on a journey to solve the mystery of each scene.

What sets DOP: Draw One Part apart from other similar puzzle games is that instead of finding a piece of an object you have to first figure out what the missing part is. Gameplay in DOP: Draw One Part basically goes like this:

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Draw One Part Apk

Hints are provided throughout the game. These hints will help you figure out where to place different objects in your world, as well as hint about other things you should avoid. In order to gain more hints, simply tap the screen while you are still holding down the mouse button.

This way, you are given a better view of the hint you are about to receive. Hints can be applied in several different ways. The following is a brief description of each of the five main types of hints in Draw One Part:

Mod Hints

– Mod Hints. As the name suggests, the mod hints are ones that are automatically added to your drawing. These hints are saved into the game’s files and do not need to be loaded whenever you want to use them. The most common form of mod hint is a heart where you can drag it to a part of the picture you are working on to see what it will look like. Mod hints are very helpful if you want to know more about certain objects in your picture before actually placing them.

Puzzle Pieces

– Puzzle Pieces. You can see these while you are in the middle of your drawing. A puzzle piece will be placed in the center of your view and it will prompt you to move it while dragging the cursor in an X or Y position. These types of puzzles are divided into two categories: arcade and platform games.

Unlimited Hints

– Unlimited Hints. This is the most powerful hint type available in Draw One Part. This cheat allows you to draw one part, edit it, then have it appear again in your view. This means you can do whatever you want to your drawing until you decide that it is no longer useful. However, unlimited hints might not be as useful as you think since you can end up using it infinitely, thus leaving you in a state of confusion as to what you had drawn.

Missing Part

– Missing Part. This cheat allows you to add one more part to your gameplay. If you are having trouble with the gameplay or if you simply want to make players feel confused, adding a missing part to your game can help. This trick is also great to add a bit of variety to the gameplay since you would never know when the other parts in your level were missing.

Unlimited Version

These are the main differences between the normal version of Draw One Part and the unlimited version. The biggest difference however is that the infinite version requires you to have some level of drawing skills in order to be able to do all the things you can do in the normal version.


The good thing about this cheat is that it helps you improve your drawing skills so that you will eventually be able to create your own cool puzzles. It also helps you get more out of the game as you can draw as much as you want, as much as you need. It does this by giving you hints and telling you where to draw next. Overall, this is one of the best and most useful cheats for Dance Revolution that you can get your hands on.

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