Dragons: Titan Uprising Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Runes)

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Dragons Titan Uprising is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game with dragons. The game was created by Cryptic Studios, an award winning independent developer. Dragons Titan Uprising is one of many products from Cryptic Studios. Dragons: Titan Uprising is free to download.

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Dragons: Titan Uprising

Dragons Titan Uprising is compatible with most browsers and tablet Smartphones. It’s free to play, too! Download Dragons Titan Uprising APk from the official website. Upon installation, the program prompts you to insert the “APK” file which is normally a Zip file. Loading the Android Market application allows you to browse the marketplace and search for relevant apps.

Modded” gameplay

During your first play through you’ll be prompted to choose between the standard gameplay or “Modded” gameplay mode. In standard gameplay, you’ll need to find the lost dragon and learn more about each of his magical powers.

Unlocking powerful dragon

A new gameplay chapter is being added, called the Dragon Rise. The purpose of this chapter is to replay the previous levels you’ve already completed, unlocking powerful dragon powers for the player’s use.


There are several different ways to complete challenges in the game, and players can use both the traditional “match-3” levels and the dragons : titan uprising mod apk downloads to enhance gameplay. Players earn points based on their victories and share them with their friends through the community forums.

These points can then be converted into gems that provide special items for the dragon berserks, including items that increase health or speed.

Difficulty levels

The game comes with various settings and difficulty levels, depending on the type of gameplay experienced. There are five difficulty settings, which can all be adjusted individually or together for even more challenge. There are seven different battle environments, five of which are unlockable.


The first few battles against the Titans are extremely challenging due to the high damage involved. After earning the appropriate AP to begin each level, the actual gameplay is much easier. In addition, the Android Market has numerous additional downloads for free.

Dragon hatchery

One of the most interesting and compelling features of this role playing game is the new dragon hatchery element. In the game there are two types of hatcheries available, the basic hatchery and the advanced hatchery.

This new element allows players to raise dragons from eggs using a variety of methods. Players can also buy eggs from the local store or purchase dragon hatchlings at a higher price in the in-game marketplace.

Different tools

Dragons: Titan Uprising Mod enables the use of the R button to cast spells or use items. The left or right mouse button cycles through the different tools available to build up the battlefield. The left mouse button can be used to activate or deactivate dragon pets.

Extra effects

Some of the spells have extra effects if used on target units, such as immobilizing them for an unlimited amount of time. The most exciting part of the game is the use of the unlimited runes. These runes are powerful buffs which enable your units to gain extra energy, armor, attack speed and special abilities for their individual units.


When playing the campaign you can switch between the characters of Pandora as Farey, Stabby and Bakugan. Each of these characters has their own abilities and is worth giving a closer look. The Bakugan is an intriguing addition as it can transform into different Bakugan, such as Tentacles.


This can be used effectively to counter certain units and counter an opponent’s strategy of using giant robots. If you like strategy games then you’ll love the way that the Titans manage to dominate the battlefield and control the outcome of each battle. Dragons Titan Uprising Mod Apk is a must have for those who enjoy playing games on Google Play which are supported by adverts.

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