Dragon Revolt Mod Apk (MOD Features pad version)

The game Dragon Revolt is one of many that are based on the Dragon Revolt cartoon. As the name suggests, Dragon Revolt is a classic multiplayer RPG that features the exciting Dragon Revolt theme. Two opposing factions don’t stop fighting each other and everybody needs new, powerful fighters all the time. It’s the fantasy game you’ve been waiting for. Dragon Revolt is now available for free on selected P2P portals.

Dragon Revolt classic

Dragon Revolt classic is an MMORPG with an innovative gameplay system. The story in Dragon Revolt classic revolves around a boy named Gabriel. The boy lives a sheltered life in a castle without any sign of modern civilization. He has an untrained eye for recognizing potentiality, and he dreams of going to the capital city of Granada to begin a journey towards adulthood. However, things aren’t going so well there and he’s about to learn something important about his hidden innate traits. You’ll have to make up your mind about this.

Dragon horde

There are two major factions in Dragon Revolt classic that you’ll need to choose which you support: the evil dragon horde led by Archduke Luis Corinto and the noble Order of Lea Rivi led by Princess Elma. These two factions have different reasons for doing what they do, and the story line revolves around the clash between these two forces. As you play through the game, you’ll witness the rise and fall of these two great factions and see how each of them effects the world in general.


To begin playing, you’ll be prompted to download the Dragon Revolt classic MMORPG mod. Just go to the download page and follow the simple instructions on the installation process. Upon installation, you’ll get the opportunity to immediately jump into the action. However, there are some features that you might want to consider before jumping right into the Android version.

King Henry

Dragon Revolt on the other hand is set in medieval Spain during the reign of King Henry the third. The story follows the story of a young man called Leon who lives a sheltered life in a small village. One day, he gets captured by the dragon-like creatures, and now you have to learn more about these creatures as you help him get out of this predicament. You’ll also encounter classic bosses from the classic raids like the Dragon Knight and the Burning Legionnaires that will help you hone your skills and grow stronger while playing Dragon Revolt.

Unique features

As you start playing dragon revolt, you’ll find that the game has two unique features that differentiate it from the rest of the classic fantasy mmorpgs. The first is its adherence to the classic fantasy mmorpg structure, where you’re required to complete quests and go through levels before you can proceed to the next.

Traditional maps

This time around, though, instead of those traditional maps and dungeons, you’ll be traveling to various cities where you will engage in combat and also work to achieve your goal in terms of completing the story. While this might sound simplistic, it provides a great deal of depth and makes the experience much more interesting.

Character development

The second feature that sets Dragon Revolt apart from the rest of the classic mmorpgs is its use of an all new gameplay system. The way that this feature works is simple enough to explain – basically, instead of using classic MMORPG mechanics like character development and upgrading your equipment, you’ll be using your mobile device’s screen to take an action. For example, when you attack an enemy with your sword, you’ll be making use of your device’s camera to do so.

Special moves

You can also tap specific body parts of your character to perform special moves, which helps make each session feel much more engaging. On top of that, you can also transfer your progress to your chosen character if you get stuck. It’s a simple but powerful way to make sure that you don’t waste time on a quest because you didn’t get through it using the skills that were available to you the last time you played.


In short, Dragon Revolt does everything that a classic mmorpg should do while using your mobile device. It creates a sense of adventure and excitement that’s completely engrossing for players who enjoy playing mmorpgs outside of a land. Because it’s actually using the capabilities of your Android device, it’s been designed to take full advantage of this feature and offer a unique experience to players. If you’re interested in downloading the latest free version of Dragon Revolt right now, we’ve provided a link at the bottom of this article.


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