Dude Theft Wars Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Coin)

Dude Theft Wars is quite simply one of the most enjoyable online games you will ever come across. The story behind Dude Theft Wars revolves around two unlikely partners – Zhen Lin and Lei Feng, who are trying to run an underground steal club.

The storyline is very exciting and offers a lot of different things for you to do while playing Dude Theft Wars. This game involves all sorts of storyline elements, ranging from adventure, mystery, comedy, and violence. What really makes this game so much fun though, is that it also has an impressive modding community behind it.

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Dude Theft Wars Apk

If you want to play Dude Theft Wars, you must make sure that you have the correct modding program installed on your phone or tablet. Before getting started with Dude Theft Wars, you must obtain the correct mod download for that particular version of the game.

It’s easy to find this particular program on the Google Play Store, as long as you’re using the correct version of Android. There are versions specifically designed for tablets and phones, as well as those designed for desktop computers.

Different Types

One of the most interesting aspects of this game, besides all of the different types of stuff you can steal, is that you are not actually responsible for stealing anything. Instead, your job is to grab items and drive them to a specified location.

Each level of Dude Theft Wars involves a few different routes to take, as well as a series of deliveries to make before finally reaching your objective. As you complete each level and delivery, you earn money which helps you buy new stuff for your steal club.

Modding Community

The modding community makes this game even more fun to play. All of the various add-ons and styles make it even more fun to level up and compete with the other players in the online forums.

One of the coolest things about the Dude Theft Wars mod is that users can upload their own stuff for other players to try. That means if you like a certain video or wallpaper, you can simply download it from a website and post it on the forums for others to try out.

Dude Theft Wars Features

Dude Theft Wars features a great deal of content. In fact, there are so many options that it would take an entire article just to describe them all.

However, one of the most interesting parts of the mod is the “open-world sandbox” feature. Essentially, this feature allows you to move around the world without having to spend any money. This helps to keep the game from feeling “staged,” but also gives you a very big open world to explore.

Different Sections

The open-world sandbox game is split up into two different sections. One, called the Stage Level, requires you to complete a series of missions before moving on to the next area, known as the Proving Ground.

The second section is the Cash Shop, which sees you stealing new cars and then repairing them. Completing these two sections will give you the cash you need in order to unlock the next car in Dude Theft Wars, as well as new clothes, decals, liveries, and window stickers.

The Final Part

The final part of the Dude Theft Wars mod is the Gear Up section, which lets you equip your character with new moves, weapons, and equipment. There are two types of cheat codes in this section, allowing you to change different aspects of your gameplay at any time.

The first type of cheat code allows you to change the rate at which you steal the cars, lowering the cost of gaining more levels by two percent. The second kind lets you equip your character with a special laser that allows it to steal slower cars and more easily.

Unlockable Characters

The final part of the Dude Theft Wars mod is the unlockable characters. There is four total, and each one is given a free version of Dude Theft Wars, as well as an “unlock” code that allows them to be played on the Android Market.

These four characters include the aforementioned mechanic, who can repair cars and hack into computer systems, as well as the prison guard, who can park a car inside a prison and drive away, and the thief, who can break into computer systems and hijack objects.


Each character has different characteristics and depending on how you play the game, some of these characters may not be necessary. The “unlock” codes for the individual characters, however, will prove to be invaluable as you try to increase the difficulty of the challenges in Dude Theft Wars. Finally, if you’re worried about getting your money back, don’t worry:

the Dude Theft Wars team has made it so that after you’ve spent some time enjoying the open-world sandbox-style game on Facebook, you’ll be able to unlock all your unlocks and continue playing on the “free” version to keep earning money!


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