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ABC Jelly Merger is an addictive, fun and simple puzzle game enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. ABC Jelly Merger apk features the ABC Jelly Style Game which is an exciting game for kids, teenagers, kids and adults alike. ABC Jelly Style Game is available in three modes – Easy, Medium and Hard modes. ABC Jelly Style Game modes are available as separate downloads from the application’s official website. The following are the ABC Jelly Style Game modes which can be played by players.

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ABC Jelly Merger Mode

ABC Jelly Merger mode is for young kids and toddlers. It presents several levels in increasing difficulty. ABC Jelly Merger mode starts out with one letter jelly which will eventually merge with the rest of the letters forming a new alphabet. ABC Jelly Merger requires the player to fill up a square filled with jelly letters with letters of the alphabet starting with the leftmost letters, moving clockwise. The player has a limited number of tries before the sequence breaks.

ABC Jelly Merger Mod Utilizes

ABC Jelly Merger mod is an addictive game for everyone. It presents several levels in increasing difficulty. ABC Jelly Merger mod utilizes the Google Search Engine’s unique algorithms to generate unique content. ABC Jelly Merger mod uses the Google Android Engine to power the content that appears on your screen.

ABC Jelly Merger mode is an enjoyable game for parents since it allows them to teach their children essential concepts like the alphabet, numbers and other such things. It presents a fun alternative to traditional teaching methods. ABC Jelly Merger combines a variety of learning methods to help your child develop at his or her own pace.

Fundamentals of Phonics

ABC Jelly Merger works with the fundamentals of phonics as taught by most schools across the country. This method is considered to be the most effective way of learning numbers, letters and words. Phonics teaches a child to listen closely to every sound made while learning a word. While growing up, our ears are constantly exposed to thousands of sounds. We memorize these sounds and associations automatically through years of experience.

Unique Learning Method

ABC Jelly Merger uses the same principle of phonics but applies it to words instead of numbers. ABC Jelly Merger mode is not only a unique learning method, it is also a great app for parents. This app can teach your kid words with sounds. This will make it easier for your kid to learn how to spell words. Moreover, this app uses ABC, Z and X instead of just the alphabetical letters.

With ABC Jelly Merger, you can have words mixed up and your kid will still recognize them. Unlike other methods that use letters only, this method allows words to be mixed up with other words. For instance, you can mix up words like “pen” and “snow”, which would give your kids a different meaning than if they were using only “pen”. Using ABC Jelly Merger can help your child develop skills at a much quicker pace.

Learning The Alphabet

Most children go through learning the alphabet with their parents at an early age, but many still find it hard to continue learning on their own. As a parent, you are the best teacher and you can provide the support that your child needs. By using the ABC Jelly Merger, your child will have words mixed up with the alphabet that they do not recognize yet. This will make it easier for them to learn the ABCs as they grow older.

The ABC Jelly Merger is not only fun to use, but it is also safe. The ABC Jelly method blends the words in such a way that it makes it harder for them to confuse what they have just seen with what they have already heard. Even though some children are able to understand ABCs on their own, most need a little bit of help from their parents when they are first learning.

Jelly Merger Games

The ABC Jelly Merger method is not only designed to help children learn to speak, but it is also educational. Kids can play these games with both adults and children and they make a great family activity. Playing ABC Jelly Merger games with your child will strengthen their memory and intellect. They will also learn to understand basic mathematics through using the numbers associated with the jelly objects. In addition, these types of games will also keep them from getting bored with the game.


To buy ABC Jelly products, click the links below. You will find a large variety of products that can be used to teach yourself or your child how to pronounce the ABC Jelly word. They include ABC Jelly flashcards, ABC Jelly Plug in, ABC Jelly Substitute, ABC Jelly Word Games, and ABC Jelly Jars.

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