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The Do Not Boom io antivirus removal tool is a malware removal application that installs itself on your PC and pretends to be an anti-spyware program. Once the app has infected your PC, it will then try to trick you into buying the “upgrade” for it.

Legitimate Program

You may think that this is a legitimate program since it’s been created by a well-known company. Unfortunately, there is plenty of rogue apps out there like Do Not Boom, which are known for installing fake software onto your computer in order to try and get you to buy the upgrade for the software.

The Do Not Boom io program is known for several different types of attacks. The main feature is that it’s been developed with a series of malware removal tools that work together to perform all sorts of attacks.

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This includes the likes of XoftSpy to search for any infections on your system, as well as many others. You should be aware that this program has been used to gain access to your private information. This means that if you use it, you could be exposing yourself to serious security risks.

Do Not Boom

When it comes to Do Not Boom, this is not the first time that a software program has tried to steal your personal details. In fact, this program has been around for several years and is one of the most popular malware removal programs online. Unfortunately, XoftSpy successfully removed the program in March 2010.

However, there have been a series of leaks that have continued to allow the program to spread. If you want to remove Do Not Boom, it’s recommended that you use a reliable anti-malware program. This will ensure that the program finds all the infections that it has, and removes them from your PC.

Removal Application

To remove Do Not Boom, you need to download & run a reliable Do Not Boom removal application. There are a number of these programs available, but XoftSpy is the best program for this job.

It works by finding all the known infections on your system, and then safely deleting them. It’s important that you have a reliable anti-malware program to use when removing Do Not Boom, otherwise, you could risk allowing it to damage your files further.

Windows Registry

The way Do Not Boom works is to corrupt your Windows registry. It basically makes your computer believe that there are corrupted files inside the registry – when there aren’t. The way to fix this is to fix the registry. However, most people don’t know how to make a registry and instead, go for a registry cleaner’ to remove Do Not Boom.

These tools scan through your PC and remove the various registry errors that are inside, but they often leave the Do Not Boom registry entries behind.

Registry cleaners

Registry cleaners work by scanning through your PC and removing any files that they find. They are typically able to identify the files that are causing problems on your PC, and then safely remove them. XoftSpy is a cleaner that works very well at removing Do Not Boom from your system, because of its unique scanning engine.

This tool has been created by a large software company in Canada and is one of the better cleaners that you can get. It’s a long-term repair program, which means that it will identify and remove Do Not Boom from your PC, without damaging it further.

Run Scans

This software is often used by many different people, as it has been designed to be very easy to use. You’ll be able to run scans on your PC with Do Not Boom, and then get rid of any of the problems that it has, by cleaning out the registry.

XoftSpy is very reliable and is often used by millions of people worldwide. If you want to get rid of Do Not Boom from your PC, you should download XoftSpy to keep yourself safe.

Cleaning out the registry is the best way to make sure that Do Not Boom is completely removed from your system, because this virus leaves all sorts of files inside the “registry” of your PC. The registry is basically a database that stores vital settings and information for your PC and is where your Internet files are kept.


Unfortunately, the Do Not Boom virus will place a lot of files inside the registry, which makes your computer unable to process them. You need to be able to use a reliable software tool that can clean out all the errors that are inside the registry of your PC, and this software is just what you need.

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