Disney Emoji Blitz Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Coins)

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Disney Emoji Blitz is a new challenging game from the award-winning Disney Emoji series! Emojis are small cartoon characters that can be used with text messages to send messages and share interactive fun with your friends. You must help Snow-white find her prince! The game can be played between the computer and mobile devices. Use the high-quality iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android devices to play this fun game.

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Disney Emoji Blitz

Match. Collect and Emote! Play with hundreds of Disney and Pixar emoticons such as never before with an exciting, fast-paced round of Emo-ingo for quick rewards, win challenges, and find new Emojis throughout the game. Compete with friends and compete against thousands of other people around the world while unlocking hundreds of Disney Emoji Blitz Mod Apk emoticons to expand your wardrobe of cartoon characters.

Earn Rewards

Earn Rewards. As you earn points throughout the game you will unlock more Emojis and exclusive rewards. Some of these rewards are special emos that are only available on the app store and Google play. Earn enough points and you will eventually be able to buy the items you need in the shop for free!

Get Prizes

Get Prizes. When you reach a specific amount of points during the regular game modes, you will be eligible for a special emo prize. Some of the highest prizes include Disney Emoji Blitz Mod Apk game modes, IOSie keychain, IOSie stickers, IOSie wallpapers, as well as special IOSie gifts.

Online Matching

Try the Online Matching Game. The online matching game is fun and challenging. You can choose between Disney Emoji Blitz Mod Apk games mode and the regular game to play with familiar characters. Use your mouse or touchpad to tap matching squares to add them to your collection. Once you have added all the missing icons, try to match the right character to make your collection complete.

Solving Puzzles

Earn prizes by solving puzzles. The online game allows you to choose from different challenges. Some of them are timed and will require you to find the answer within a certain time period. As you continue playing, the timer will go down and the difficulty of the puzzle will increase and you will be rewarded when you successfully solve it.

Access The Shop

Access the Shop. You can access the shop through the menu located in the upper right corner of the screen. You can view your available collection of Emojis, IOSie keychains, IOSie wallpapers, IOSie gift packs, as well as other accessories and special offers.

There are several free gifts that you can earn once you become a platinum member. Visit the shop to see for yourself how much money you can earn for buying Disney Emoji Blitz merchandise and in-app purchases.

Blitz apk

If you like casual games, you will enjoy the Disney Emoji Blitz apk. It is an addictive puzzle game that will keep you hooked on the screen. Play against other players as you compete with them in the game’s challenge. Discover more exciting details about this popular mobile app in our dedicated section.

Draw a Boat

To get started with Disney Emoji Blitz, the first mission is to Draw a Boat! There are various poses that you can choose from and help you create different icons which will represent the different things you are trying to express on the screen.

Once you have selected your emoticons, you will then have to make the necessary drawings of your favorite Disney character. There are a variety of missions available which allow you to use up to five different emoticons, IOSie emoticons, wallpapers, and other auxiliary items.

Exciting Challenges

With its exciting challenges, players can also enjoy the free gifts which are offered after each round of play. These gifts will be given to you after you have cleared all of the basic requirements of the game. This helps players enjoy the game further without spending too much time on the challenges as they can just focus on enjoying the fun challenges offered by the game.

The free gifts that are offered by the Disney Emoji Blitz Mod Apk team include IOSie keychain, IOSie T-shirt, IOSie sticker, IOSie magnet, and IOSie key chain. If you purchase all the four available gifts, you will receive a free animated GIF animation of your choice!

Hidden Features

If you have never played before, I highly recommend the puzzle game. Although it may look simple at first, it has a number of hidden features that make it difficult for players to initially pick up. As you progress through the stages, you will start seeing more advanced levels which will require an even greater strategy to win. Once you manage to complete all the levels, you will unlock Disney Emoji Blitz as one of your available Emoji choices!


Please note that this game is not meant to be downloaded for free. To enjoy the game to the fullest, it is recommended that you purchase the paid version. Although the free version does contain a lot of exciting content, please note that it does not have the same replay value or the same leaderboards as the premium version.

Since the game costs money, I would recommend that you purchase the IOSie app to access the Emoji Blitz game. You will not regret it as you will soon discover all of the beautiful Emojis that your favorite celebrities have posted!

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