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Are you fond of addictive arcade games? If you are, you may want to try Dice Master Merge Puzzle. This arcade game is one of those “periods” that are similar to classic arcade games of days long gone. If you love classic arcade games, and also enjoy playing online games now, this is the perfect game for you!

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Dice Master Merge Puzzle

How about it? Here, the game will have you roll the dice and use the extra dices you have collected to form a new cube. There are certain numbers that can be rolled; the more the better. If you collect the same number of extra dice as before, all of them will be used to form a new cube! That’s the way it works.

Your Cursor

All that remains for you to do now is to aim your cursor to the center of the screen and begin to roll the dice. To trigger the next roll, just click the roll button. You will notice that there are two buttons on the screen: one is the dice master mod apk button, and the other is the game menu button. Clicking either will cause the dice to randomly merge onto your new cube.

The Graphics

The graphics of the screen are colorful and pretty much the same as the one used in the traditional versions. The dice shapes are well-drawn, and you will find that they blend in well with the rest of the game’s elements.

The background of the scene is very bright and vibrant, and will look great once the dice are finally blended into your new creation! There are two difficulty levels available for this game, and both will provide fun and exciting gaming experience.

First Level

The first level is played in a simple manner. You have to guide all the tiles into place, and if you hit any tile with the die, it will shift it in another direction. The objective in this level is to get as many tiles to the end of the board in one turn. As you progress to the next level, the challenge becomes a bit more difficult, because you will have to manage more dice with each turn.

Second Level

On the second level, you will be faced with even more challenges. Your dice won’t be constrained anymore, and you will have to manage four tiles at the same time. The game gets more tricky as the level progresses, but you will be quite prepared for this.

The screen will transition to the next level, where you will again be faced with managing four tiles at a time. In this level, you will also be given the chance to choose between four different colors of dice.

Game Console

If you think that this game is too easy, then I have to tell you that it is not! There are no shortcuts here. You will need to be ready to learn more than one strategy in order to win the game! The best part is that this game can be played in minutes, so there is no need to invest in an expensive game console!

Merge Puzzle

If you like strategy games, then you should definitely consider the Dice Master Merge Puzzle. It’s a very challenging game that will keep you interested from start to finish! Time is not on your side here, so be prepared to invest some real time and effort in order to succeed in this one!

Annoying Screeches

The graphics and sound in this game are both great. The colors are very vibrant and the backgrounds are not busy at all. The sound effects are crisp and there are no annoying screeches or noises that can really break the effect of the game. Everything is just as it should be!

Parts of The Game

One of the best parts of the game is that you actually score when you do certain things. For example, when you knock down a group of cubes, you will earn a point. Then, when you put a group of cubes together and place them on top of another, you earn an even greater bonus.

Maximum Score

If you want to get the maximum score possible, you should be keen and take the time to study each and every option that is presented to you. That is if you want to get the highest score possible! Not only does this help you in the game, but it also helps you later when you are trying to beat the high score!


Remember, if you do play this game, you need to pace yourself. Do not forget that it is an addictive game and if you are not one of those people who enjoy being addicted to something then this may not be for you! Give it a try one of these days!

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