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Detective Story is an amazing crime and investigation detective story with several good realistic features. In this game you need to solve many different thrilling cases. Each case has suspense, horror, and adventure and you get to be extremely active while resolving the case as every single suspect plays a vital part. The whole game is based on logical and objective clues. It also includes several cool arcade games including boss battles.

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Detective Story

Detective Story mod is an online browser game in which the player takes the part of a professional detective and solves mysteries using several cool tools and techniques. The story of the game revolves around a murder mystery in which the main character sleuth is hired by the police department to investigate a series of strange deaths in the dead city.

The task of the detective is to find out who did it, where did it take place and why? While performing his investigation he has to solve several puzzling cases that are connected to the crime.

Several Levels

The detective story has several levels that are available to players. These range from easy to difficult level depending on how much logic the player’s mind is capable of. The detective has to find the clues to solve mysteries and make heads or tails out of the given time. This will make the game more realistic and provide players with a sense of challenge as they become smarter while searching for clues.

Unemployed Construction

In this version of the detective story Jack, an unemployed construction worker, has started to have some money. One day he goes to the market to buy food but gets lost in the process. He ends up at the mysterious’Cafe’which seems to be owned by devious characters. Jack is held prisoner there for several hours before he is finally rescued by three masked men.

Real Identity

Now on a quest to find out the real identity of the masked men, Jack starts to receive mysterious phone calls from the Cafe. It turns out these were not ordinary phone calls, as they lead him to two more mystery shops, where he encounters some weird and unexplained events.

Investigation Story

This is a first-person point-and-click investigation story where the detective has to manipulate the environment to solve crimes and make jaws drop from various puzzles. This game is very fun and exciting, and there are many different puzzles and events to encounter. There are simple and complex puzzles to tackle, and these can all be finished within a few minutes.

Additionally, the player also has the option of creating their own puzzles and placing them on the puzzle boards. This mod provides a wonderful gaming experience where the player can enjoy as much free time as they want.

Detective Themed

This is a detective-themed game and has the same basic features of hidden objects and mazes. The main difference, however, is that you do not have to worry about finding clues and solving crimes. The story revolves around a young girl who is found dead in a strange place.

This body is linked to a series of murders that took place in the vicinity. This is a mystery that will keep the player’s attention until the end, and this is the reason why this game offers so many different interesting scenarios.

Simple Crime

This is a game where you solve mysteries through the eyes of a detective. You start with a simple crime that is being solved in the town square. As you start to investigate, you discover that there might be more to this case than meets the eye.

Brain Teasers

As you investigate, you start to uncover more clues, and the more you uncover, the more challenging the puzzles become. Puzzles are divided into different categories and these include mazes, detective clues, and many others. You can also play other types of puzzles including word searches and brain teasers.


The story revolves around a young girl who is found dead in a strange place. This body is linked to a series of murders that took place in the local residential buildings close by. As you investigate, more clues reveal themselves and the more you discover, the more challenging the puzzles become.

The puzzles are designed to test your concentration and logic, and also to test your ability to investigate and use the information to solve crimes. As you work your way through the different puzzles, you will discover more about the mysterious case and learn the dark secret behind it.

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