Desert Storm: Zombie Survival Mod Apk (MOD Features VIP/Unlocked)

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Desert Storm: Zombie Survival is one of the most downloaded mod for the PC. The game allows the player to experience the thrill and excitement of a military battlefield through the eyes of a war-weary vet. As you battle your way through the deserts and pave your way to your objective, you’ll face a multitude of zombies all trying to stop you from reaching your final destination.

Zombie survival has always been a popular mod, but with the Desert Storm: Zombie Survival mod, it’s even more fun. If you’re looking for the best mod for Desert Storm: Zombie Survival, you have come to the right place.

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Desert Storm

Desert Storm: Zombie Survival is a realistic modification for the PC version of Desert Storm. It is very similar to the iPhone version, but it also comes free of charge and has a number of additional features.

In addition to the well-known undead, you’ll be able to find and use new weapons and utilities, as well as, find new ways to fight against the zombies. This is a highly entertaining mod that will keep you entertained for quite some time, if not days.

Zombie enthusiasts

Zombie enthusiasts are going crazy over Desert Storm: Zombie Survival apk. This mod was one of the most anticipated and awaited content releases from Desert Storm, and I can say that disappointment is in fact, a common word in this industry.

When I installed the mod, I was immediately impressed by its amazing graphics and sound quality. From the first seconds, you enter the game and encounter the desert storm, you get the feeling that this is no ordinary mobile game. You’re in for a real treat when playing Desert Storm: Zombie Survival.

Zombie Survival

However, the real reason why Desert Storm: Zombie Survival apk is so popular is because it provides you with a lot of incentives. For example, you get to level up fast. When leveling up, you get to equip your character with better guns and armor.

Additionally, you can also find rare zombies and loot the rarest weapons and armor. As you advance to higher levels in the game, you’ll see your gun and armor leveling up too, allowing you to have even more weapon choices and even make better use of your armor.

Features and options

The Desert Storm: Zombie Survival apk file comes in two versions. The normal version for those who enjoy playing the mod on the regular version and the premium version, which offers a lot more features and options. The difference lies in the features and the extras that are included in the premium version.

Regular version

Although the regular and premium versions of the mod are basically the same, you should always opt for the premium version as it provides you with a better experience and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. In fact, you can even play for free while using the regular version.

Zombie Hunter

The Desert Storm: Zombie Survival apk is a relatively small mod. It only requires about 300 MB for installation but as soon as you install it, you will be ready to go. Upon starting the mod, you will be greeted by a video that will explain the basics of the mod.

There’s also a help section available for those who are having problems or if you just want to know more about the mod. The Desert Storm: Zombie Survival mod has everything you need in order to enjoy a fun and exciting survival experience as a zombie hunter.

Recent version

The Desert Storm: Zombie Survival apk file is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows. However, it’s recommended to install the mod on the most recent version of Windows as this has been designed to function properly with the current operating system. If you’re not sure whether or not you have the latest version of Windows, then simply download the mod installer from the website and run the program once.


Once installed, the Desert Storm: Zombie Survival apk will inform you that your system has to be repaired due to several viruses. You’ll have to repair the system afterward and once done, you can start enjoying the game as the mod will be working on your system in order to fully protect it from any viruses.


This was just a small overview of the mod, Desert Storm: Zombie Massacre. If you want to know more about the Desert Storm: Zombie Massacre, then you can visit its official website. In addition to the apk, you can purchase the game on its website for free.

The download also includes the “patches” that you need in order to be able to play the mod on the appropriate version of Windows. All in all, this is one of the most interesting games and entertainment programs available on the Internet nowadays.

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