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Dentures and Demons 2 apk is an online adventure game in which you play the role of a gumball detective and you too have only one target that is to make your city safe from any criminal. You receive the first emergency call ever when you’re on patrol and then you can get the call again when you’re in a victim’s house.

The whole idea is to make the right arrest as fast as possible, though this will also mean getting close to your suspect as well. In any case, you must carefully analyze all the scenes that appear before making a decision. This game has been created by the award-winning studio Niantic.

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Dentures and Demons 2

Like the first game in this series, Dentures and Demons 2 apk is about a group of dentists who find themselves in the center of a series of mystery and terror attacks. The hero happens to be the only man on duty who possesses the ability of psychometry and he, therefore, ends up solving the case quite easily.Dentures and Demons 2 Apk Download

The other characters are not as successful as their colleagues and they also end up facing some pretty tough odds. One scene features a scene from hell and the graphics depict the horror very well.

The Story

The story of Dentures and Demons 2 follows the first part very closely, though it adds a few twists here and there to keep the game interesting. The first part revolves around a series of murders committed by three masked men. A young woman named Delilah is found dead in the woods and her death is ruled as a suicide. Two detectives from the first part of the game are called to the scene to solve the mystery.

The Second Part

The second part, the adventure part, takes place in an alternate dimension called the Abyss. There, creatures known as abyssal beings have taken up residence in an apartment block and are using the bodies as food.

When the characters in the game investigate the crime, they come across a nest of these creatures and the main protagonist has to go on a journey in order to kill the nest and save the real world from the abyssal.

Dentures and Demons 2 Apk Free Download

The First Part

The first part saw the players taking on the role of the main protagonist as he investigates the crime and fights off the monsters. The second part saw the introduction of several unique endings based on different decisions made by the player. Each end also had its own secret scenes which added another dimension to the adventure.

Demon Spawn

In the first part, the story was focused on the plot of Dentures and Demons. As the second part began, the player took on the role of the demon spawn known as devils that started taking over the real human king and his kingdom. The players were to play as greedy humans who wanted to gain control of the king by killing the original human king.

However, there were some other forces working against them such as angels and the second chance that could allow the humans to retain their king.

The Third Part

The third part included a few secret scenes that helped to further develop the characters and the storyline. The third act also had to deal with quite a few puzzles and challenges that are very interesting to solve. This helped to give depth to the adventure as well as maintain the interest level.

There were many objects and items used in the puzzle-solving sessions that had to be collected in order to move on to the next level. Some of these objects include dentures, swords, knives, potions, and many more.Dwnload Dentures and Demons 2 Apk


The Dentures and Demons 2 mod is now available for free on the Android Market. This version of the game has been optimized and has better graphics than its original version which was one of the earliest attempts at mobile gaming.

It also has many exciting features such as multiple levels, hidden items, angels and demons to fight against, and more. If you like the first installment of this fantastic adventure game you should download and play the Dentures and Demons 2 mod right away.

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