Delivery From the Pain Apk (Mod Features Full Version)

Delivery From the Pain (FULL) ( MOD, UMD) Delivery From the Pain (FULL) is the mod for Plants vs. Zombies that is highly recommended by many players. This game can give you hours of relaxation and entertainment in a peaceful environment.

It can provide you with the same satisfaction as you get when you killed hundreds of zombies in one go. It is one of the best mods for Plants Vs. Zombies also became one of the favorites of several children as well. You can expect the same level of quality and entertainment when using Delivery From the Pain Mod Apk as you would get with any other mod for Plants Vs. Zombies.

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Delivery From the Pain can be acquired after completing the “GHOST RISK” mission. When you start this mission, there will be many zombies around your place. However, do not fear, because these zombies are friendly and have been allied with you by Carlosemite, the head of your defense team.

There are three groups of survivors surrounding Samatha, all of them have specific weapons and skills that can help you in your delivery from the pain Mod Apk. These groups consist of survivors including the head of your defense team, named “The Enlightened”, “The Frayed” and last but not least “The Disreputable”.

The Mod

The mod can be downloaded easily through your device via USB. For further help on how to install or play with this survival apk, you can refer to the device reviews found in the Google Play Store.

You can also check out the device forums where you can find detailed information about this amazing app. In short, if you love playing zombies and survival games, you should definitely download delivery from the pain. It will make your time in this virtual world more exciting and enjoyable.

Storyline Revolves

The main storyline revolves around a group of survivors who are stranded on an island after their plane crashes. There is a huge power outage that has killed most of the survivors, leaving only two people, a man and woman, left alive who must use all their wits and skill to survive.

Apart from the man and woman, there are also zombies roaming the land. To add to your fun, since this is a zombie survival game, you are sure to learn some new zombies strategies along the way.

This zombie survival game is more entertaining with its exciting zombies and storyline. However, the real strength of the game is its fresh and unique recipes, which you can apply to your own game.

Once you start to play, you will notice that this is different from other survival games as it has its own mix of recipes, which will help you survive the zombies. Some of the recipes include using canned foods, cheese, chicken bones, beef, fruit, and vegetables.

Beef Cubes

For example, if you are playing on a computer, you can make a sandwich using beef cubes, canned tomatoes, cheddar cheese, green onions, red bell pepper, and mayonnaise. You need to cook the sandwich inside the can and eat it while it is hot. If you want to have a different taste, you can add a little bit of sour cream to the can before cooking.

You can also try some of the other Survival recipes available such as Delivery From the Pain Mod Apk which includes toast, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, beans, macaroni and cheese, tuna salad, macaroni, and cheese, chili, baked potato, beef stew, and much more.

Simple Tips

Delivery From the Pain zombie survival Mod Apk guide teaches you about how you can survive in the outside world with some simple tips. One of these is to avoid fighting when there are zombies around.

Another one is to stay as still as possible because being out in the open creates an ideal environment for an attack by zombies. The guide also gives you information on how to get through large groups of zombies very quickly. It also teaches you how to fight and kill zombies effectively.

Zombie Disaster is a popular survival guide that discusses how you can prepare for a zombie attack by creating food rations that can last for long periods of time. The guide also gives you information on how to survive in difficult situations like finding dead bodies of zombies that have brain problems.

You can also make use of a red canister to disguise yourself from the zombies and deliver food to the survivors. Zombie Massacre On-Road toasters provide information about a zombie who can change their skin color and attack suddenly.


Zombie Survival Guide has excellent graphics which makes this book interesting and easy to read. It also provides important information about the storyline and the characters present in the Delivery From the Pain Mod Apk. There are different chapters that provide details about various zombies including the ones you come across in the game.

The authors of the storyline explain how you should handle certain situations in the game and how to survive in them. Zombie Massacre On-Road toasters provide comprehensive instructions for surviving a zombie outbreak.


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