DEER HUNTER CLASSIC Mod APK (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Features of Deer Hunter Classic. One of the best deer hunting games ever created, in this version, you get to take on different roles as a deer hunter. You have the option of choosing between male and female deer, and you will also be given several options on how you want to dress up your character.

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Veteran players

It’s one of the best hunting games ever made, that will surely challenge even the veteran players of this genre. Here, you will be given many different challenges as you try to take down animals and use many of the most powerful weapons available to hunters today.

Deer Hunter Classic

There are lots of different objectives for you to complete in Deer Hunter Classic, as you strive to hunt down animals. Some of these are basic and some of them require you to hone your hunting skills in order to earn better rewards. The objective itself varies depending on the game you play. Some of these are just collecting animal parts to sell for various items, whereas others will let you hunt the animals and earn bigger and better rewards afterwards.

Animal parts

Collecting animal parts and using them to craft different weapons is one of the main objectives you will face in the game of Deer Hunter Classic, as you attempt to kill as many deer as possible and earn the best rewards. However, earning rewards isn’t the only thing you will be rewarded with. You will also be given the chance to use powerful weapons on deer that are found in the game. Some of these include the classic bow, which has a long range and is quite effective at taking out bigger animals. There are also special bows you can purchase to take out larger animals, including elk.

killing 100 creatures

Other objectives you will be given while playing the Deer Hunter Classic, such as killing 100 creatures or collecting a certain number of pieces of armor will also give you the opportunity to earn bigger and better prizes. On higher level games, you may even encounter events where you have to find and use specific vehicles in order to win a battle.

Tractors and helicopters

These include trucks, tractors and helicopters, and as you level up you will be given the opportunity to take on these vehicles in order to earn your trophies. This is a great way to be able to increase your skill level and move on to the bigger prizes that you will receive while playing deer hunter classic.

Story of Deer Hunter

The story of Deer Hunter Classic revolves around a man named Rick Valentine, who stumbles upon an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods and ends up staying there for a week. During this time he comes across several interesting animals, and ends up helping them get over a hill and into a safe place.

Mule Deer

One of these creatures is called the Mule Deer, and it ends up becoming a very important part of the story. As you journey through the game, you will be asked to help the Mule Deer find food and water, as well as find safe hiding spots to rest and wait for the other animals to catch up with them.

Unlimited money

In order to gain the benefits of the deer hunter classic mod apk unlimited money system, the player must make sure that they shoot animals at close range using weapons such as the sub-machine gun, shot guns and rifles, and bows. It should be noted that bows cannot be used while hunting, so this is another area that the player should focus their efforts on. There are also several other animals that Valentine can hunt during the game. Some of these animals include Boars, Wolves, Caribou, Wolf, Oryx, Cougar and Raccoon.

Previous versions

Unlike previous versions of the deer hunter classic mod, in this version there is also an option to build a farm. This is where your animals will be fed and cared for. Unlike previous versions, users have the option to hunt other peoples farms as well. They can do this by finding an animal to attack and then attacking it’s owner. The player has to make sure that they do not accidentally shoot an innocent creature though. This is an exciting aspect of this version of the gameplay and is one of the main differences from the previous games as well.


Other than the main storyline, players can also choose to play against the computer or another person through the use of the deer hunter classic cracked app, which is also included as part of the package. These challenges will allow players to hone their skills by taking on increasingly difficult scenarios as they try and increase their score.


The controls work quite well with this version of the game and are designed to give the user a nice gaming experience. In fact, this version of the game is probably the best hunting game on the iPhone, with all the other versions currently offering very similar features.


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