Death Invasion: Survival Mod Apk (MOD Features unlimited gold/diamond)

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Death Invasion: Survival is a game where you can find yourself in a real-life dangerous situation and fight for your life. It is a first-person game with some interesting elements which would make the player feel as if he is in a survival situation. If you do not want to spend much time on your PC just to play games then Death Invasion: Survival is the best game for you.

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Death Invasion

Death Invasion: Survival is out there for free. You can use it as much as you want. Death Invasion: The survival mod has been made to be used in the Deathmatch mod version of Fort Jesus. If you like to have free modding opportunities, then Death Invasion: Survival is for you.

The main objective of this game is to kill all zombies that walk across the screen. The zombies you kill will drop one of two items: brains or cash. Either item can be used to buy a gun and arm them with deadly weapons. But if you want to learn how to survive in this game as well, then you should purchase a Death Invasion: Survival apk.

Particular level

One of the coolest aspects of this game is that if you and your teammates lose a battle at a particular level, you will still be alive. It is because you will still be alive in the future until you will start another wave of zombies. The downside of this aspect is that if one of your teammates dies, then you won’t be able to have him as a corpse and you will be on your own to continue your journey in this adventure.

Thus, if you want to be victorious, you need to learn how to take advantage of the deaths of your teammates so that you and your other survivors will have a chance to escape the upcoming waves of zombies.

Zombie survival mod

This death invasion zombie survival mod also features other exciting features such as the ability to buy and use weapons. You can select from a variety of different weapons, each with different specifications and effects.

If you want to dominate the zombies, you better master using powerful weapons like an assault rifle, a mini rocket launcher, and other high-powered weapons. Your other option is to buy the various weapons that are included in the download so that you can have the upper hand in these zombie wars.

Exciting feature

Another exciting feature of this mod is its weapon system. As you play the game, you will notice that each member of your team has a weapon that is capable of inflicting different damages upon zombies. However, you need to purchase and arm each of your members with weapons before entering the enemy compound. This ensures that you and your other survivors can defend yourself from the incoming attacks of zombies.

Enough money

For those who do not have enough money to spend on armaments, the death invasion mod features another way for you to survive. You can earn unlimited money by simply banking it from your paycheck.

However, in order to gain unlimited money in this mod, you need to continuously make purchases of food, weapons, and shelter for yourself and your fellow survivors. Therefore, you better have a steady source of income in order to purchase these necessary items.


Finally, the Death Invasion: Survival mod enables you to buy various types of firearms such as automatic assault rifles, fully-automatic rifles, machine guns, miniguns, and other high-powered weapons that can help you get rid of zombies in no time.

There are also a couple of non-lethal weapons that you can buy in this mod. These include firecrackers and traps which will distract zombies long enough for you to get to safety. However, if you really want to survive, you better learn to use all of these weapons well to ensure your survival.

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