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DeadZed is the newest mod for Counter-Strike. It brings the horror back into the game through the use of flashlights, blood, gore and more. The mod was developed by Valve Corporation and is free to download for any user. This article will explain more about DeadZed and why you should download it to give your friends an scary experience.

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Multiplayer Zombie

DeadZED is a multiplayer Zombie game on the Counter-Strike series. If you want a good time playing the survival horror game then you must try DeadZED. DeadZED promises to bring great surprises to players all throughout their gaming experience. The whole world has been in a totally new era where there are no more zombies hungry for your flesh.

Exciting multiplayer

With this amazing mod, you will experience the thrilling and exciting multiplayer shooting game. In the game, you will have the advanced weapon technology and advanced zombies with increased strength and stamina.

With this amazing mod, you will have the chance to survive the horror and the gore together with your friends. Anybody who gets bitten by the zombie will become infected and will be transformed by the infection.

More popularity

DeadZED is a highly entertaining mod that will appeal to all ages. Its unique and creative concept has made it a hit in the mobile-based and online application markets. DeadZED has been featured in the App store for several months already and continues to gain more popularity day by day.

Amazing zombie

If you are also planning to get this wonderful and amazing zombie game then you can get it right from the internet. The DeadZed mod and the DeadZED App are complimentary products.

Thrilling storyline

One of the main attributes of DeadZED is its thrilling storyline that will keep you hooked on to play it. You will be introduced to a new character who will guide you through the zombie attacks and will help you to survive them. You will also have some cool weapons that will help you to survive the attacks.

There are different types of weapons and they include; the Needle gun, the Revolver, the Chainsaw, the Saw, the Double barrel shotgun and others.

Get full access

When you download DeadZed, you will get full access of its exciting mod and its amazing game play as well. It will let you experience the thrills and the gore through its gripping storyline and will let you survive the Zombie Apocalypse. This will become an essential part of your survival kit.


You will need to use all these weapons and other gadgets to stay alive and win the battle against the zombies. You will have total control over your character and will become a real survivor from the Zombie Apocalypse.

Spend money

DeadZed is an incredible mod and you will find many people talking about it. If you do not want to spend money on downloading this app, you can easily get it for free by using any of the following methods. The first one is DeadZed Gold which is the version available for free of DeadZed Studio.


The second method is DeadZeed Mod which is used to gain access to the DeadZED Pro Mod. The third one is DeadZeed Unlimited which is a paid version of the original DeadZeed game and can be used to gain access to all game modes, the content and the upgrades.


DeadZed Unlimited money is the best value for your time and it will save you money to purchase the DeadZed Pro Plus version of Dead Zed. You will have an unending supply of zombies to kill and you will feel like a total Zombie killing machine when you are playing this game on Facebook.

You will also have an awesome time beating your friends. You will even be surprised at how much speed you will improve if you use the DeadZed Unlimited mod apk version.

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