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Dead Zed is an adventure-adventure game centered on a post-apocalyptic universe. You play as a lone survivor, thrust into an urgent battle for survival against the ravenous zombies who seem to be all over the place.

The game is predominantly set in the Czech Republic, an increasingly dangerous country overrun by zombie-infested zombies. In order to survive and find a way out of the city, you must scavenge for weapons, learn how to build traps, and fight off marauding zombies with a shotgun and heavy machine gun.

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Dead Zed

Dead Zed uses a new technology called the zodiac system to generate its atmosphere. As you progress through the game, the nature of the enemies, their individual characteristics, and the environments change to reflect the changing moods of the environment.

For example, when the sky begins to fill with trees and the darkness makes the nighttime seem like a terrible dream, zombies turn into mindless, vicious killing machines. Dead Zed also features a high-tech, real-time 3D graphics mode, which creates an excellent sense of realism for its zombie shooting game.


If you enjoy zombie games where you kill all the zombies with a shotgun or shoot them with your machine gun, then Dead Zed will definitely provide you with hours of amusement. The storyline is based on a series of events that unfold over four to eight days.

If you do not want to spend hours of your precious time trying to figure out how to get through each level, then you can simply download Dead Zed’s free mod, which will help you avoid wasting time while enjoying the game.

The mod

The mod improves upon Dead Zed’s already amazing zombie shooting experience. While the overall gameplay is similar to Dead Terror, it adds some new elements to make playing the game more interesting. This mod also adds new weapons, perks, and armor that will help you survive longer in battle as well as improve your chances of winning the game. Here are some of the exciting parts of Dead Zed:

Dead Zed 40 Days

In Dead Zed: 40 Days, you need to protect the city of Eastvale from the Dead Zeds. To do so, you need to buy the Dead Zed: 40 Days mod kit, which includes the game, the weapon, and the perk icons you need for playing the game the way you want it. However, before you purchase the mod kit, you have to unlock new areas of the city. To do so, you need to complete the ” Protector of Eastvale” questline.

Unique setting

One of the best things about Dead Zed: 40 Days is its unique setting. In fact, it is set eight years after the events of Dead Terror, where the city of Eastvale was destroyed by the Dead Zeroes. The whole storyline takes place during a time when California is experiencing one of its worst economic crises in history. As a result, the people are trying to find a way to get money to buy food and equipment to create new jobs.

The whole story

Fortunately, after some research, you learn that the US government has issued a call for volunteers to go and fight off the zombies in Eastvale. You help them by providing military-grade weapons and ammunition. Since you are one of those volunteers, you are also given the chance to receive two free weapons – the M1 carbine and the MAC-9 machine gun.

These two weapons are essential to surviving the zombies. If you want to see the zombies for yourself, all you need to do is to download Dead Zed: 40 Days unlimited money mod – which is included in the Dead Zed: 40 Days mod kit – and play the game the way you like.


Aside from the different weapons, Dead Zed: 40 Days unlimited money mod apk helps players upgrade their characters. This includes changing their clothing, making them look better by giving them different appearances such as wearing a different hat, changing their hairstyle or adding make-up, etc. After spending time on the different aspects of the Dead Zed: 40 Days gameplay, I can say that playing Dead Zed: 40 Days was definitely fun and worth the time invested.

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