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Dead Trigger 2 (RT2) is an updated, improved version of the popular zombie-killing flash game Dead Trigger. If you’ve played the original Dead Trigger you know that in the game there are a series of progressively difficult levels.

The more you advance to a later level, the more challenging the challenge becomes as a result of the increasingly difficult levels. This time around the game comes with “pro” mode allowing you to enjoy the game even more if you just want to take on one of the harder levels. As in the original, this is for Windows only.

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Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 sees the return of the undead as well as a whole new batch of zombie victims. In the game, the player controls three survivors who are on a safari to discover the location of a presumed research center where experiments are being carried out that could change the world.

The Survivors

The survivors start off in a small truck (referenced as the survivor’s vehicle) that has been taken over by the undead. As they make their way through the “vast” jungle area they encounter infected humans, the undead, monsters and zombies – all while trying to save the lives of their fellow survivors.

Story of Dead Trigger 2

The story of Dead Trigger 2 follows a group of survivors who are on a road trip when they encounter a series of zombies who have managed to escape from a nearby hospital. Once they manage to get the truck started they encounter a series of twists and turns that challenges your character to survive.

You will use an array of weapons (four in total) to take out your enemies, including a powerful mini-gun and two-handed mace/pistol. The zombies in the game are very realistic looking, which makes the fighting more exciting than it would have been otherwise.

Gameplay Begins

The Dead Trigger 2 gameplay begins with the survivor’s vehicle being wrecked, forcing them to use a makeshift shotgun and mace to take out zombies that appear around them. The controls for the melee weapons are very simple as you just need to aim and fire.


Some of the zombies are resistant to bullets but most can be killed using only the two-handed mace and shotgun. The zombies in the game include humanoids, werewolves, and the reaper, which are the most deadly. The zombies in Dead Trigger 2 are extremely tough, making it important to conserve your ammunition throughout your playtime.

The outbreak in Dead Trigger 2

After surviving the initial outbreak in Dead Trigger 2, the remaining survivors band together to find a way to cure the disease that is killing all of them. They discover that a scientist is experimenting with human skin cells and trying to develop a vaccine to cure a virus called Lycanthropia.

Construction Worker

Joining up with an eclectic group of survivors including a dentist, a cop, a construction worker, and a religious cultist, you must fight through hordes of zombies and the infected scientist yourself to reach the hideout. A well-crafted storyline, excellent graphics, and well-thought-out puzzles add enjoyment to Dead Trigger 2.

The well-thought-out puzzles challenge your brain and require your critical thinking abilities to defeat the hordes of the undead.

Different Play Modes

Dead Trigger 2 has three different play modes: single-player, co-op mode, and the ” Arena ” mode. Playing in a single-player allows you to complete one mission without any help from another player; while playing in co-op mode allows two or more players to join in on the action. The ” Arena ” mode is similar to the single-player mode, but there are two teams of up to 4 players battling it out for the win.

Primary Weapons

The two primary weapons in Dead Trigger 2 are the shotgun and the crossbow, which are very useful for taking out the larger zombies. To increase your shooting range, you can buy an additional clip or an additional magazine. There are also several unlock grades available, ranging from ” Bronze ” which is the easiest to obtain, to ” Silver ” which is harder to obtain but makes you extremely powerful.


In Dead Trigger 2 you must use both the shotgun and crossbow on the zombies, but be careful because they have very limited firing ranges. If you are close enough to a zombie, but it’s close range, your crossbow shot will do little damage, while a shotgun shot will kill the zombie outright.

Zombies Surround

You must learn when a zombie is about to charge so that you can move out of the way or shoot it at the last moment. Also, if you see a group of zombies surrounding a doorway, crawl underneath gates, tunnels, cracks in the walls, or any other type of door, you should investigate. There could be another threat outside, like a huge creature or even a robot.

Zombie Element

Dead Trigger 2 has a story that will make you want to play again: it’s a story about a man who survived a plane crash that killed his family, but with the help of some new people, has since become a Zombie hunter. Although this game features a zombie element, it does not have much else.


The overall concept is very neat, but they just weren’t enough of an element of adventure, which makes this one of my least favorite Zombie Games of all time. However, if you enjoy Dead Trigger 2 you will probably love this game! Even if you do not like Dead Trigger 2, you should still give it a try because it is certainly worth your time.

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