Dead Island: Survivors Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money/Gems)

Dead Island: Survivor is an all new take on the popular survival horror genre. After the catastrophic events witnessed by the protagonist in the first “Resident Evil” game, he vows to do his part to save his family and friends and emerge a stronger survivor.

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Imminent arrival

Unfortunately, with the destruction of his home and the imminent arrival of the “evil,” it will be easier said than done for him and his dwindling numbers of resources. Dead Island: Survivor mod takes you into the twisted world of zombie horror and resurrection as your hero fights his way through hordes of infected and desperate survivors.

Survivors flood

The tale begins with a news report about the latest outbreak of zombies and what has taken place on dead island. As the news spreads, more survivors flood the local hospital. One of them, a young girl named Claire, who seemingly possesses psychic abilities, is taken in by the military.

However, her ability soon surfaces that she is actually a zombie. This sets off massive panic as hordes of zombies attack the hospital and Claire is forced to fight her way through them using her newly acquired abilities.

Military attempts

While the military attempts to contain the dead island outbreak, Claire stumbles upon the main camp of the zombies. She is attacked by the Infected zombies and is nearly killed when a helicopter guns down the hordes of the undead. Injured but still alive, she is taken back to the main camp by Pvt. Walker who stays behind to tend to the needs of Claire.


As the days go by, more zombies appear around the main camp and as Claire makes her way deeper into the camp, she discovers that there are many more zombies lurking in the jungle. With no way out, Claire must find help if she ever wants to survive the dead island zombie attack.

Jeep riders

Along the way, she encounters some Jeep riders who happen to be infected with the zombie virus. The infected Jeep driver, along with a lone survivor, decide to stick together and work towards a common cause. Together they battle the Infected and the horde of zombies who seem to be all over the place.

Survivor Evacuation

Dead Island: Survivor Evacuation takes up the storyline from the first game where you as the sole survivor of the sunk ship find yourself stranded on an island with a ticking bomb. Naturally, you are looking for a way to get off the island as fast as possible.

Chinese survivors

Along your way you meet up with many survivors including an android and some Chinese survivors. The sole android has an android database and it becomes your main tool to staying alive. The survivors also have a cell phone and need to keep their communication lines going. A couple of other survivors come and help the lone survivor.

Complete objectives

Throughout the game you find out that there are many more zombies on the island than when you arrived. As you fight through them you learn about the history of the dead island. Some of the zombies are your friends, while others are your worst enemies. As you complete objectives you can even access areas in the island where the real survivors live.


As you level up, the more you can recruit and send to different areas of the island to help fight the Infected. It is up to you whether you let them stay and fight the Infected or send them away to safety. The zombie apk files can be collected from one of two locations, which will make your character stronger.


The Android database in the bottom part of the screen contains the information about the current status of all the current survivors on dead island. This helps you decide what type of character to build, and it can be modified to make your character stronger or weaker.


Dead Island: Survivor Evacuation is one of the best Survival Games on mobile devices. The story is gripping, and the action is fast paced. You should look out for a free download of the latest version from Google Play, as it improves upon the older version. Dead Island: Survivor Evacuation is sure to be one of the best Zombie Games this side of Super Mario.


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