Dead Effect 2 Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Everything)

Dead Effect 2: paranormal adventure is one of the best-selling games nowadays. This PC game has been developed by Cryptical Studio based in Australia and is published by Cryptic Studios Vancouver.

The game has been downloaded by thousands of people around the world for its wonderful graphics and excellent storyline. To date, this PC game has been featured on various gaming websites as one of the best horror games.

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Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2: paranormal mission is a first-person shooter video game that has been developed by Cryptical Studio in Australia and is published by Crave Entertainment. Dead Effect 2 has been developed with the intention of providing an exciting game that will keep the gamer’s interest.

Dead Effect 2 Mod

Dead Effect 2 mod apk was released in the market to enhance the features of the previous Dead Effect and added new and exciting content in the form of maps, weapons, characters, and game modes. Apart from that, the Dead Effect 2 mod apk has been made available for players through the distribution channels.

Main Character

The game is based on a unique premise where the main character is a ghost who must fight his way against demons, paranormal entities, and other paranormal creatures. The storyline of the game is set during the summertime in Australia. The story revolves around a family who lives in a peaceful place.

Nearby Forest

They do not know that there are many dangers lurking in the nearby forest which could pose threat to their lives. The only person in the house who is brave enough to face these threats alone is their daughter named Sarah. She bravely sets out in a canoe and crosses a body of water called Blood Bay to find her much loved husband Richard.

The gameplay of Dead Effect 2

The story and the entire gameplay of Dead Effect 2 are based on a unique system of action and adventure combat wherein the protagonist is required to make use of a number of special weapons and fight against hordes of enemies while using special skills and attacks.

These attacks include a wide range of weapons like bows, crossbows, firearms as well as explosives to help the protagonist win the fight.

Bounty Hunter

Although all these are available for free on the internet, the player can purchase the same for a certain price after unlocking its special ability in the game. The mod enables the player to have the freedom of customizing and personalizing their character and playing style.

This mod also comes with two unique modes in which the player can choose to play either as an investigator or a bounty hunter.

Multiplayer Mode

However, the most popular form of Dead Effect 2 gameplay is the multiplayer mode wherein two to four players can take part in the combat using a number of different weapons. There are many multiplayer maps available in the game and they include Facility, Metro, Ship, Island, and Africa. The maps are designed in such a way that they cover all the landscapes and are beautifully rendered.

Weapon Models

They feature many weapon models and have excellent graphics and sound effects. There are also numerous achievements to be earned and if the player is skilled enough, they can even be given the chance of using advanced weaponry and fighting against other online players.

Mod Features

Apart from the single-player and the multiplayer modes, the Dead Effect 2 mod features both the single-shooter and the multiplayer modes in its huge mod database. The single-shooter mode allows the player to select from a wide array of weapons to annihilate waves of zombies.

The zombies here are very small replicas of the ones found in the real game. The mod also features the animated heads and sounds of several popular horror movies and video games including Hostel, Saw, and the Scrubs series.


For the multiplayer mode, the Dead Effect 2 mod has some exciting content like the “Stonehenge” map where the player has to defend themselves against hordes of zombies using only a shotgun and an RPG. There is also the “Tunnel” map wherein the player has to defend themselves as well as other players while they make their way through a maze that is full of traps and rocks on top of a giant mountain.

The ” glacier ” map is also another exciting one, wherein there are ice mountains that freeze you and your allies so you can only move slowly or until you run out of ammo.

Expansion Packs

The Dead Effect 2 mod features two types of content: the ” skirmish ” and the “official” expansion packs. The skirmish content is composed of eight new mission types including the classic “Bot Command” and ” Crusher” maps. The official expansion packs include four new maps: ” Canyon,” ” Down Pit,” ” Fracture,” and Proving Ground.


” Each of these maps has its own objectives and rewards, which will make playing them more worthwhile than just killing the zombies. Aside from the exciting content, the two main features that really make the game worth playing are the customizable controls and the endless supply of cheap APRs (allowing the players to buy unlimited ammo and health supplies).


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