DC Unchained Mod Apk (MOD Features Gems/Gold unlimited)

DC Unchained is an exciting new action game using many characters from the DC comic universe. The game starts after the events of the last film of Batman. With character creation nearly identical to that of the DC Unchained comics, it definitely will deliver a unique experience to the players. The DC Uncut expansion is also in production and looks great!

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DC Unchained Mod

You can easily tell the difference between DC Uncut and the DC Universe Mod. The DC Uncut game play revolves around the story line that was left out of the movie. We’ve seen a lot of games feature this but only a few of them were successful. Most of these featured the same old story, just remade in a different format with new characters and a different story.


However, the DC Uncut mod Apk has done something really neat. They’ve implemented all the characters from the DC comics into the game and they look and feel extremely fluid. It’s almost as if they’ve built their characters to suit the gameplay. From the beginning, you meet up with some really cool looking villains and heroes. The only problem is, you don’t know who you’re going to fight until the game starts – at which point you’ll have some idea of who you’re up against.

Green Lantern

For example, you meet up with Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and even some lesser known characters, such as Wonder Woman. Once you’ve fought your way through the game and recruited your team, you’re then tasked to defeat some major villains from the DC comic book and find out the fate of one of your favorite DC characters, Superman. This is where the Android application comes in. You can now play DC Unchained on the Android mobile devices. There are three versions of the mod; DC Uprising, The Dark Knight Rises, and Wrath of the Joker.

DC Uprising mod

If you’re going to be playing DC Uncut on the PC, you can always purchase the DC Uprising mod apk, which gives you access to all the characters from the DC comics. On the other hand, if you’re only going to be playing on the Android device, the DC Unchained mod apk will allow you to recruit DC villains for a limited time. As for the gems and unlimited gold that you get from fighting these super heroes, that’s not necessarily included in this mod, but it is available for purchase separately.

DC’s greatest villains

The first thing that I thought when I loaded up DC Unchained was how similar the gameplay is to other MMORPGs. You’ll be tasked with either doing battle on the streets or going toe to toe with some of DC’s greatest villains. In my experience, the story is entertaining, though it can get a bit slow at times, especially if you’ve never experienced a fight before (particularly if you’re just a newbie).

DC Uncut

The one draw back I did find in playing DC Uncut on the PC was that there weren’t any cutscenes. I’m used to games where you get to see your favorite superheroes in action, and that’s just not the case with DC Uncut. Instead, all of the game play is done in-game. It can get quite boring at times, though, so I recommend playing with a group for some added excitement. The graphics and overall design of the game are both very nice, though.


DC Uncut is available for free on Google Play, so what are you waiting for? If you enjoy free games on the android platform then I would urge you to download DC Unchained. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s worth a look. Enjoy!

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