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Dark Riddle is the brainchild of Kevin Dunn, an award-winning author, game designer, and visual artist. Dark Riddle is a first-person action mystery with an interactive storyline.
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October 1, 2022
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Dark Riddle is the brainchild of Kevin Dunn, an award-winning author, game designer, and visual artist. Dark Riddle is a first-person action mystery with an interactive storyline.

You take the role of a private detective, exploring the mysterious happenings at the home of your nerdy neighbor. Use gadgets to investigate the weird murders committed by your suspect and use street smart skills to get out of trouble.

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Dark Riddle

Dark Riddle is all about solving puzzles and riddles to save the people and stop the villain. It is an addictive game that has enough puzzles and adventure to keep gamers glued to the screen for hours on end.

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The story in Dark Riddle is based on a murder mystery that takes place in Dunn’s neighborhood. The game presents you with three different perspectives as a private detective, a local police detective, and a resident gamer.

K.G. Dunn

Kevin Dunn, also known as K.G. Dunn, has written three books featuring this intriguing crime novel franchise. One of the best-selling books, Dark Riddle was made into a successful film starring Brad Pitt as the private detective, Angel Oak, andducers have decided to make an animated series to follow up on the film.

While the movie was a box office hit, the real strength of Dark Riddle is its intriguing storyline and its carefully woven puzzle-solving adventure.

Interactive Application

Dark Riddle is an interactive application for the iPhone and the Android OS. You can use your iPhone or Android phone as the screen and interact with the story in 3D using the Dark Riddle mod.

Dark Riddle Apk Download

Dark Riddle features an original storyline about an aging resident of an assisted living facility who becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance and murder of several fellow residents.


The dark riddle game is engaging because it asks you to think logically about each scene and examine each clue in order to uncover its meaning. For example, you have to look at the information about the victim posted on a news website in order to determine if he or she is telling the truth about his or her background and true identity.

In order to solve the case, you will also need to visit the local police station and speak with their detectives about the potential suspects.

Annoying Advertisements

Unlike other similar applications, Dark Riddle does not have any annoying advertisements. It only requires a minimal amount of space on your phone’s memory to load the game and to continue playing. The Dark Riddle game is very fluid and smooth, and it runs perfectly on the highly optimized Android OS.

Its unique, engaging gameplay involves an intricate puzzle and hidden object scene that you will not see on other games that are available on Google Play. You may find it difficult at first, but as you begin puzzling through the many rooms of the house, you will be surprised at how well the game is designed.

Dark Riddle Modifies

Dark Riddle modifies the traditional hidden object style of gaming by providing an experience that is engrossing and challenging. The items you will find while solving puzzles are very varied and are not just restricted to common objects like pencils, crayons, paintbrushes, and stickers. These items include knives, razors, swords, and electric drills as well as more bizarre things like eggs, mirrors, and human hair.

The items found can also include multiple objects that combine to create more complex puzzles and will often require the use of objects from around the house. Some of these items include a cat door, a stairway to heaven, and a large crate.

Dark Riddle Free Download Apk


Dark Riddle is currently available for download on the Android Market for a low price. This is the first-person adventure game developed specifically for use with the Android smartphone platform.

You can also download the Dark Riddle mod from the Android Market for free. This is an exciting game that I’m sure adults and children will enjoy playing. If you are an adventurer yourself, you might give this thrilling and delectable game a shot!

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