Danger Close Online FPS Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Ammo)

Danger Close Online FPS is an online first-person shooter ( FPS ) game developed by independent designer polar motion. The game can be freely downloaded as a free promotional gift from the website, however the final download will only be available at a later date once the game reaches its full public release.

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Danger Close Online FPS

Although the free version of Danger Close Online FPS is already out in the market, it is highly recommended that you purchase the paid version to avoid any future problems and enjoy the game. It has many features that make playing the game more enjoyable, like the storyline, the player’s ability to choose between three different weapons and the weapon balancing system.

High speed movement

There are four classes in the Danger Close Online FPS: the scout, the infiltrator, the gunzer and the engineer. The classes have different capabilities when it comes to playing the game. The scout has high speed movement abilities allowing her to run around with great stealth, get back targets quickly and thus achieve kills without the need to get damaged or killed.

The infiltrator is able to hide from his enemies with his powerful shields and melee abilities while the gunzer has high damage dealing skills and excellent support abilities allowing him to tank hits and protect his allies.

Different strategies

In playing this game, one has to utilize different strategies depending on which class he is playing as. For example, in order to kill an enemy the player needs to carefully aim his weapon at its vital areas such as its head, chest or legs. Since all these skills require aiming, a player only has a limited number of actions each game session that can be used to do so.

Machine gun

Weapons in this game include the assault rifle, pistol, machine gun, shotgun, knife and the gravity gun. Each of these weapons has their own special characteristics and abilities that can be used to the advantage of the player. Also, each weapon is balanced to either be very damaging to large groups of opponents or very strong against a single opponent.

First person shooter

Danger Close is not a first person shooter game. It is more of a first person tactical game where the player has to move and stay behind the barriers set up by the enemies. Although the bullets are not emitted until some action is done, the player has to move in order to engage in combat with his enemies. Moving around in the environment and avoiding enemy fire can be quite difficult and thus one needs to be quick and adaptive in order to win the game.


Another way to win the game would be to head for the objective that has been indicated in the game. When doing so, one will shoot at the enemies’ vital areas. A player also has to choose the right weapon in playing this game. One can choose between Pistols or Stocks to reduce his chances of being hit. The uses of the machine gun should be reserved for last resort or if there is no other alternative left.


Danger Close Online FPS is a game that can be played alone or with a friend. However, the player can select the difficulty level he prefers. There are some levels that are more difficult than others. If playing the game alone, the player can utilize the environment to his advantage. He can cause distractions to the enemies and surprise attacks. With a friend however, the player can increase the difficulty level and work as a team to eliminate the enemy.


The controls of Danger Close Online FPS are simple. It has WASD movement which is control through the keyboard. Mouse movements are also possible using the arrow keys while using the keyboard. There are also hotkeys which will change the actions of the player depending on which room he is in.

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