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Dan the Man is a hilarious side-scrolling, adventure-packed, first-person shooter game based on a series of PC games by the same name. Dan the Man is a fan-created character that appears as a wallpaper background on Facebook, featuring Dan as a bald, middle-aged man with glasses.

The character was created by artist Markiplier, who also made the popular Facebook application Wallpapers. In this game, Dan the Man must overcome an array of increasingly difficult levels and complete five challenges before he advances to the next level, which unlocks more content and characters.

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Dan The Man

Dan the Man: Action Platformer is a quick and easy-to-play, action-packed, side-scrolling retro pixel game. Enjoy the high flying action with Dan Man’s wings, along with his gun and his enemies.

The action gets really frantic when Dan the Man is attacked by enemies and other objects in the environment. Dan the Man can boost up his defense by shooting down his opponents, however, if he runs out of health power-ups will be unable to assist him. To win the game you must shoot down all enemies.


Dan the Man: Action Platformer is the first release of Dan the Man, a free online action-adventure game based on the hit television show, Dan the Man. You start playing as Dan the Man, an aging old war veteran, who has been hired by the government to guard their vault. Once there, the vault’s contents have been stolen buyers, forcing the authorities to lock everyone inside.

FBI Agent Guarding

But Dan the Man has other ideas, and as soon after the FBI agent guarding the vault, and trying to get the FBI agents to escape! Now you have to save the vault before the vault dwellers attack again! With an epic arsenal and an improved beating, Dan the Man: Action Platformer is the best Free Bird Boxing game you can play.

Old War Veteran

Dan the Man: Action Platformer follows the exploits of Dan the Man, an aging, cranky old war veteran who stumbles across an ancient vault that contains ancient artifacts. Inside the vault are several skulls and bones of vicious animals who have somehow taken up residence.

When Dan the Man learns that the theft of these artifacts has put the world in danger of being destroyed, he sets out to figure out why exactly the thieves have chosen him to guard the vault. Along the way, Dan the Man encounters some awesome upgradeable fighting skills, an arsenal of weapons, and an epic arsenal of attacks – including a jet pack!

Platformer Features

Dan the Man: Action Platformer features all the classic arcade action you’ve come to know and love about classic platform games. The main game mode is Arcade Game, where Dan the Man takes on waves of tough enemies and win every level. This is where you will find all the hidden items within the game, which when used will boost Dan the Man’s stats and allow him to take down more enemies.

Challenging Levels

The challenging levels become harder as you move on, and this is when you’ll find your skills improving. Each level has its own set of obstacles you must overcome before moving on to the next. These are made up of waves of enemies you must beat before finally reaching the end level and winning.

Story Mode

The other game mode is a Story mode, where Dan the Man deals with a variety of obstacles and events that force him to fight back against his captors.

There are also unlockable levels and secrets to uncover, which will further increase your game progress. The Man Mod, which is included free of charge in the Action-Platformer, allows you to use the Dan the Man Mod Apk to unlock the different levels in the game, giving you an endless amount of gaming possibilities.

Graphical Effects

The Dan the Man: Action Platformer is a well-designed game, with great graphical effects and a great user interface. Some of the features you will find in the Action Platformer include the ability to change the character with different skins, which gives you many possibilities as you play through the various stages.

Technical Perspective

You can also get Dan the Man himself to help you with some of the challenges, by placing him in the control panel and using the various tools available to you.

From a technical perspective, the game runs smoothly on both desktop and tablets, using Flash and Java to give your device a nice smooth interface. The game is suitable for all age groups and is Free to download from the Android Market.


Another cool feature is the ” Dane the Enchanter” which helps you progress through the game faster by providing you with new skills you can use to beat your opponents. By unlocking more advanced Dan the Man moves, you’ll also unlock more difficult levels to play with and fight against ever-increasing waves of enemies.

The game modes range from the single-player for those who want to test their skills with just Dan, and versus where two players pit their skills against each other in special two-player game modes. The game is free to download from the Android Market, so you won’t have to worry about spending money to enjoy it.

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