Cyber WhatsApp Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features Latest Version]

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As of now, you’ve witnessed a number of altered versions of apps that include additional features. The variations of the app, and the number of modified variations of Whatsapp are staggering and you are able to find different versions of the app. Cyber WhatsApp is no exception in this regard.

Cyber WhatsApp

If we are talking about the various versions of WhatsApp there is a debate about which is the best and which one isn’t. The reason for this is the fact that all versions come with exciting features, and a majority come with the same set of features.

It’s up to the user to decide which app is the one he prefers. Our job is to introduce the information on these applications. Thus, Cyber WhatsApp is an upgraded version of WhatsApp that gives you added benefits.

In this application, you will be able to explore additional privacy and security features. This could be the tick in blue that appears when you read the message or the single tick that signifies that the message hasn’t been delivered to you.

Apart from the amazing work that has been done to improve security and privacy features, you can also find a variety of awesome themes to test out using this app. The themes can be explored on the theme store and then applied directly to Cyber WhatsApp.

Additional Information

Version 8.85
Size 45MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and Up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 30 April 2022
Category Whatsapp
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You can use the application cyber WhatsApp similar to how you do with the default Whatsapp application. The only difference is that in this application you’ll have a lot of additional options.

If we talk about the additional options the first thing you’ll be looking at is the themes the app offers in its store of themes. Then, you’ll be able to examine different security options, for instance, you can turn off your blue tick but you will still observe the blue ticks of the other. Additionally, you can turn the double tick off and make people believe that you’re offline.


The functions offered by Cyber WhatsApp are listed below.

Airplane Mode

This mode of flight isn’t the default mode of your phone, but this plane mode is one of the altered versions of this application. It can be turned on and then you won’t receive any messages, but you can still access the internet in other applications. This feature on WhatsApp mods, such as the Whatsapp as well as The MB Whatsapp

Turn Of The Double Tick

A double tick will be displayed when you receive an email on your smartphone. There is no way to disable it in your default WhatsApp. However, in this app, you can switch off the option, and then afterward, you will be able to continue to read the message, however, the sender will believe that you’ve not received the message and aren’t online.

Theme Store

If you’re bored of the same app and over, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got the perfect solution for you here. There is the option of a theme store in this app, which has a lot of awesome themes in a variety of styles. You can search for your preferred theme and use it in your app.

Status Download

You can save the statuses of contacts quickly using the status download feature of this application. Beyond downloading the status images and videos, you can duplicate the captions for these statuses. You can also download statuses on AG2 Whatsapp.

Lock Your Whatsapp

It is now possible to lock your WhatsApp by using your fingerprint, pin, or Password extremely effortlessly. The security password won’t be applicable to other applications as this is a personal locking system that is part of Cyber WhatsApp.


This debate concludes that there’s no alternative to WhatsApp. Each version has its advantages. If you’re looking to get Cyber WhatsApp, it’s also got some amazing features to test out. Download it today by clicking the link below.

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