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Cut the Rope is a fun arcade game on mobiles. It is a unique blend of humor and action that leaves you spellbound. This game has been launched by Hyper Gaming. It is a very simple and addictive game that leaves you awed after each level. You can also download many cool effects and graphic packs from the website to add more flavor to your gaming session.

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Cut the Rope Apk

Cut the Rope is a fresh game for smart mobile operating systems providing them with wonderful difficulties filled with simple puzzles. The new game is the follow-up of the first version having mesmerizing gorgeous gameplay packed along with the usual gaming essentials. The main storyline revolves around a schoolboy named Alex who suddenly falls ill with a strange disorder.

In order to get better treatment for his illness, he must learn how to cut ropes using objects in the environment. The challenge comes in when he has to find all objects and then put them together to form the right shape.

Taunting Alex

Alex’s story is interwoven with a number of cartoon sequences like the school bully Yoda who is always seen taunting Alex over his perceived failures and the cute robot Sesame Street via the help of his ever-helpful red machine. All the main characters in this game are rendered in high definition quality, giving them a life-like appearance.

The colorful nature of animation brings about a great deal of life to the puzzles and interaction with the players as well. The unique brand new characters are extremely fun to watch and the storyline revolves around a number of adventurous and funny moments.

Game Mechanics

The basic game mechanics of Cut the Rope are the same as its first and second versions. When you tap on an item of interest in the lower part of the screen, the game zooms you to a second view where you are required to cut the rope. You can cut ropes by touching them with the appropriate keys. While cutting a rope you have to rotate it around by dragging the left or right keys.

Regular Objective

Apart from the regular objective of cutting ropes in this game, there are other interesting levels that require more advanced logic thinking and problem-solving skills. The levels range from very easy to tricky and even brainteasers which have to be solved within a very short time frame.

Popular Tricks

A few popular tricks in this puzzle game include rotating the objects upside down to make them move in opposite directions, moving objects diagonally, popping the candies in one by two, and so on. To win a level you have to find the hidden candies, beat all the levels including the hard ones, and collect all the coins before time runs out.

New Levels

Some of the new levels introduced in Cut the Rope 2 include haunted houses, treasure islands, and caves. The island level is especially tricky as it contains a series of obstacles that are difficult to avoid but do not seem to appear at all. One of the keys to success in this level is to carefully analyze the movements of the platform and avoid jumping over the platforms.

However, some of these obstacles only appear while you are trying to complete another task and therefore you have to spend some time waiting for them.

The Graphics

The graphics and sound are both fairly decent. The only thing that really bothers me about this game is that after completing each level you are taken back to the beginning. This means that you must replay all the levels over again if you wish to try a different tactic to beat the current one. Moreover, I am disappointed that the mod has no option to switch between different views during playing. This would have been very useful when trying different strategies.


Cut the Rope is an extremely addictive gameplay mod that can be enjoyed by anyone. Even those with little or no gaming experience can easily learn how to master its challenges due to its variety of obstacles that depend on your skills and strategy. In my opinion, this game deserves to be at the top of every video game download directory because of its addictive gameplay, unique obstacle setups, and great graphics.

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