Cups Water Sort Puzzle APK (Mod Features Unlimited money)

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Install the steps: After installing it, first of all, you should uninstall the Water Sort Puzzle Color Sorting Game version. If you already have installed it, then uninstall it. Then, download and install the latest Water Sort Puzzle mod apk on your device.

After downloading and installing the mod, you should locate the apk file inside your device’s folder. Double click on it to install it, or by using click & drag on it, you can select it and then drag it to the desktop to install it

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Cups Water Sort Puzzle APK

Now that you have the new mod installed, it is time to play the game. Load the game and then put your device on “Safe Mode”. It is recommended to do so, especially for those who have devices that are not connected to any cellular network or internet provider.

This will prevent data loss as well as the app could be deactivated. Furthermore, this will allow you to enjoy the game without fear of unknown errors or hackers.

Various Challenges

Open the game, and then you will see various challenges waiting for you. You can always start a level you are familiar with if you want to try the easy ones first. Once you finish all the levels, the screen will change to a cloudy background. Select the phone icon to go back to the game. That is all you need to know about the Water Sort Puzzle addictiveness.

Water Sort Puzzle Mod Apk

However, if you think the challenge is too tough, then you can always download the Water Sort Puzzle mod apk to help you complete the level without giving up. To do this, first of all, you should launch the game.

It will then ask you to sign in using your Google account so that you can verify your phone number. Click the “OK” button to proceed. Just as before, sign in using your Google account and you will be automatically logged in as a member.

Now, once you are signed in, select the link in the left navigation column of the game to go to the main menu. The words “Downloads” will appear at the top of the page. Click on it to download the mod.

Downloading The Mod,

After downloading the mod, you can already play the game. If you have trouble, then you can just reset the game and try again. Just make sure you disconnect the cell phone from the computer before you download the mod apk file of Water Sort Puzzle so that no one else can trace you or interfere with the game. After you install the mod, your gadget will look like a magic wand that filters water and moves it around the grid.

Spinning Circles

Playing this kind of puzzle game is great because they allow you to entertain yourself while you work in your office. You can also enjoy playing these whenever you find free time. You just have to set up the device where you will be playing and then start the game by clicking the appropriate icon on the screen. You can choose between various game screens such as spinning circles, spinning squares, or rotating pills or balls.


However, if you want to practice a bit before you go to the office, you can play the free demo version of the puzzle game. This version only requires that you fill-up the empty glass with water. You need to click on the empty glass every time you water it in order to make the ball move across the grid.

In the latest version, there are more icons available to select from so you can make the most of your time. Click on the latest version to have fun with the latest puzzle game where you can also enjoy seeing the amazing graphics.

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