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Cube Survival Story is an exciting arcade game. You play this amazing game to improve your life skills. In this game, you get to experience various adventures and challenges which enhance your life skills. Play this amazing arcade game to improve your life skills such as thinking powers, critical thinking powers and decision making powers. All these are obtained while playing the Cube Survival Story arcade game.

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The storyline

The storyline of Cube Survival Story is based on the life of a young boy who was sentenced to death in the game. The boy named Billy is stuck in a virtual world called the Cube and has to win his freedom back. The first challenge that Billy faces in the Cube is to escape from the Zombie Prison.

Different power

To achieve this task, you will have to use the different power ups and weapons available in the Cube Survival Story. Download the Cube Survival Story apk file: LDoE to enjoy the fun to the full in the mobile.

Zombie Prison

Amongst all the challenges in the Cube Survival Story, the Zombie Prison is the most challenging. Here you have to fight your way to the exit and survive the zombies. However, if you want to successfully complete the game, you must avoid the zombies in the area and be alert at all times to the traps laid by the zombies.

Cube Survival

The zombie in the area that you need to avoid is the flying one. It can fly and attack you from above and below. To successfully complete the Cube Survival Story, it is essential to build up your stamina early. The zombies here fly quickly and are very hard to destroy when you’re using weapons such as the crowbar and the blow gun.


You will need to build up your stamina early as well, so that you can survive longer. When you are in danger, you can find the weapon repair and storage components available in the Cube Survival Story mod. Also find the crowbar and the blow gun in this mod.


When you are surrounded by zombies, you can break open a window or a wooden crate to release the trapped zombies. When they’re released, they will help you in your quest to stay alive and find another way out of the Cube.

Zombies around

In order to finish the Cube Survival Story mod, you should use a shotgun or the blow gun when there are plenty of zombies around. When you are using weapons, make sure that you use them sparingly and don’t forget to recycle the cardboard box before you throw it away.

The cubes and the zombies in this game are very resilient and when you use weapons, they may only give you a few seconds to get out of harms way.

Survival Story

You must have an internet connection on your smartphone if you want to download the Cube Survival Story mod. This is required because the mod requires the internet for various functions such as downloading the content from the servers and sharing them with other players.

Installation process

When the mod is being downloaded, ensure that you read the installation directions properly and that you follow them appropriately. If the directions are not followed correctly, you could damage your smartphone or tablet. Once the installation process is complete, you can start the Cube Survival Story and have fun playing it.


This is a zombie survival game in which you have to survive in the last day of a zombies infested city. This game is truly entertaining. Zombie survival games are becoming popular as more people realize the reality behind this dark and morbid genre. To download Cube Survival Story mod, you only need to pay a small price. The same way, you can also play the other popular zombie survival games available on the market.

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