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Cube Escape Seasons is an addictive puzzle game that utilizes the user’s own Cube Escape games to proceed through the levels. The goal of the game is to avoid the various obstacles and puzzles placed throughout the program to achieve a certain level. However, in order to progress through each level, it’s required to save your progress after every level you complete.

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Cube Escape

The makers of Cube Escape have incorporated a number of useful features into their program. For example, Cube Escape Seasons has a system where your gameplay is dictated by real-time, giving you the sensation of being on a real adventure.

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You are also able to connect with others who play the program and compete against them for points. There are also a number of challenges that can be mastered by the player to advance to the next level.

Unique Features

One of the most unique features of Cube Escape Seasons is the user interface. It has been designed in such a way as to make playing the program as enjoyable as possible. It is extremely clear to understand and use, and has received a lot of positive feedback from users.

Some of the tools provided with the program are a tutorial series, a chat room, and an online leader board. These features make it easy for new players to learn the basics and help refine their strategy before moving on to more difficult levels.

Main Topics

The game itself centers around three main topics, each with its own trailer, video, and blog. The first topic revolves around escape through a top-secret facility.

The video shows a group of people working on a computer that’s been shut down. The blog offers some insight as to what the group is doing, and also gives information regarding the background of each character featured in the trailer.

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Seasons Description Page

The final subject is the Cube Escape: Seasons description page, which gives a brief rundown of the plot, as well as offers a link to the developer’s website. All trailers highlight some element of the game, so players are bound to find something they’ll be interested in.

Difficulty Level

While the video trailers may seem nondescript, they are full of helpful information. Anyone who has seen the game trailers knows that the difficulty level is based on a time factor and that solving puzzles requires skill rather than pure guesswork.

Main Character

The graphics, while not revolutionary, are still impressive. The main character, Maxim, is portrayed in a style that evokes a young Michael Douglas character in the movie The Deerhunter, and the colors used are light browns and greens that stick together when the cubes are placed on the screen.

Different Levels

Navigation of the different levels is done by clicking the icons that are displayed above the screen. To gain access to a level, a player must first figure out which color group the object belongs to. This will also unlock a helpful power-up. Each level is composed of a series of rooms.

Cube Escape Seasons Apk Download

When the correct icon is clicked, the door will open, revealing a series of rooms containing a variety of objects and puzzles. Depending on the difficulty, there are also items available to be collected and used within the rooms.

Final Level

One of the more difficult games in this collection is the final level. Although it shares its similarity to the previous levels, it introduces a new obstacle to the gameplay. The objective of this level is to find a way to activate a cube with the correct code.

This task becomes easier as the puzzle gets deeper, requiring the user to use more logic and problem-solving skills. However, the game is designed so that even a new user can pick up the necessary skills to complete the game.


This game has a very addictive element to it, especially when the right tools are used. The visual design of the cubes is enough to keep anyone interested in trying again.

The audio and video components are both engaging. This interactive package is one that everyone should check out. The Cube Escape Seasons is well worth checking out, especially if you enjoy puzzles and thinking outside of the box.

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