Crystal Crush Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Gems)

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Crystal Crush is now a very popular Android app that allows its users to take on Crystal crush games online. There are many free versions of the game available for download on the Google play store. You can also get it for a lower price if you look around on the internet.

Crystal Crush is not only a game for those who love strategy games but it is also suitable for all levels of players. The various levels allow even the most basic of users to have a challenging experience with Crystal Crush.

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Crystal Crush Mod

To install the Crystal Crush Mod, you should ensure that third-party applications are enabled as an application source. To do this, go to Settings > Applications and tap or click on the Mod tab. On the General tab, scroll down to “OAuth”, click on the ” unchecked” option and click OK.

Now, on the Crystal Crush mod apk, you will see a row of buttons. The left button contains “Play Game,” the middle button has “Open Crystal Crush Mod,” and the right button contains “oko-emulator.” Click on the “oko-emulator” button to launch the game.

Installed The Mod Apk

Once you have installed the mod apk successfully, you can then enjoy the game. There are several different graphical packages available for your customization. The Crystal Crush graphics are a complete overhaul of the standard Android icons and the screensavers and wallpapers are completely different from the stock Android package.

The package comes with the Android System Text Font, themed icons, themed user themes, themed built-in widgets, and many more unique features.

Classic Rock Songs

The music in the game is a modern interpretation of classic rock songs. With over 100 high-quality songs, including fan favorites, you will have hours of musical enjoyment. Some of the songs even sound live with guitar in the background! The crystal gems are also very colorful and the interface really looks nice.

When you load up your game you will notice that there is a complete selection of different jewels and gem types that you can use to make your life as a Crystal Master even more enjoyable.

Little Addition

This game also has a match-3 game that comes along with it, which is a nice little addition. You do not have to use your own crystals to earn points in this match-3 game. When you level up you unlock new gems that you can use to earn even more points in this game.

More Gems

Although it does not have an actual gem store, there is an abundance of gems that can be collected and added to your Palace. You start with five gems and can get as many as you like. However, the higher your level, the more gems you can collect & add to your Palace.

Game Play

As far as the gameplay is concerned, it is pretty standard fare for what would be considered a traditional tile game. There are challenges that come from time to time that make the game even more fun. The gameplay can last up to several weeks as there are different strategies that need to be used to beat the levels. Each new level gets progressively more difficult. It really depends on your ability to strategize and play the gameplay by ear.


It is quite possible that you will grow tired of playing Crystal Crush but one thing I like about this game is that it is free! There are tons of games on the internet that are not free and most of them are simply rip-offs of the original creators. But Crystal Crush has been created by a well-known developer who has worked on and off the screen for several years, so you know its quality!

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