CrossFire: Legends Mod Apk Android (MOD Features Unlimited GP)

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CrossFire: Legends is a massively-multiplayer online game based on fantasy. You play the role of both a Paladin and a Demon. You’ll be combating dragons and other demons as you seek to destroy evil. CrossFire: Legends features a new dynamic graphical overhaul and has received many positive reviews. If you like online games with a good deal of action, then you’re sure to love this one.

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Zombies and monsters

CrossFire: Legends takes place on a single server that hosts many players at any given time. In game modes, you’ll be defending your base against an onslaught of zombies and monsters. In the normal game mode, you’ll be killing enemies en-route to your objective while also protecting your base against waves of zombies.


In multiplayer, you’ll be fighting alongside fellow players for the top position. Experience the adrenaline rush of action through the new 4v4 MOBAs or engage in a team deathmatch with up to 9 other players where the last man standing wins!

Undead soldiers

There are several new game modes in CrossFire: Legends including the “Defend the Base” game mode. In this mode, you must defend your base against waves of undead soldiers sent to attack you. Using an assortment of weapons and explosives, you have to protect your location against waves of undead.

Other game modes include ” Encounter the Rogue”, “ipment resurrection”, “defend the warehouse” and “retrieve the president”.

The Glade

One of the new features in CrossFire: Legends is the CrossFire Arena. Players can choose to participate in the Arena and experience the thrill of real life frag-taining combat. The CrossFire Arena has various maps including the original CrossFire map as well as new ones like “The Glade”.

Special objectives

Each map has its own theme based on the CrossFire franchise, which means that each time you play, you get to experience the thrill and excitement of frag-taining from first-person shooter. There are also special objectives available for each map, such as “kill X number of zombies before Y arrives” and “stand on top of the highest platform in the Arena” which will help you get high scores.


Another feature in CrossFire: Legends is the CrossFire Survival Kit. This handy kit has items that can help any FPS game participant survive any encounter. These include bullets, healing items, energy pills and space jump devices. These features provide a more balanced gaming experience for everyone.

RPG characters

CrossFire: Legends also has two game modes for those who like a mixture of action and RPG characters. The first game mode is the classic RPG style game mode where players are required to level up and perform quests before advancing to the next level.


This is where all the real adventure starts in CrossFire: Legends as there are many back-story scenes to explore. Players can use items on these side-missions to level up, purchase upgrades and weapons, and complete missions. However, this game mode is not without challenges as players need to kill creatures, read text-books, and complete quests within a certain time-limit in order to move on to the next level.

First-person shooter

The second game mode in CrossFire: Legends is the first-person shooter mode. During this mode, you don’t have a gun and must rely on your aim and reactions to win battles. Weapons include a shotgun, pistol, saw, knife, battle axe, meteor hammer, sniper rifle, and crossbow.

The PC version

The PC version has new features such as lock-on lasers, weather effects, improved effects, and the ability to change weapons mid-game. Some of these features are only available on the PC version, including lock-on lasers. However, the Xbox version does have these and other new features such as a destructible environment, a destructible map, and the ability to see an enemy through smoke.

New weapons

CrossFire: Legends features new weapons, enemies, quests, and allies to fill the role of a seasoned hero or villain. The story is about a washed-up athlete who becomes obsessed with the CrossFit sport and wishes to make his mark on history. To do so he must train with an expert trainer who will teach him about using the various combat disciplines like grappling, punching, wrestling, gunning, and climbing.


To make his climb towards greatness fast, he enrolls himself into CrossFire: Legends, an arcade styled training academy that teaches all the basics and tricks needed to become a professional CrossFit athlete. The game provides users with an option to personalize weapons and load screen savers, giving the game an authentic feel of fitness training.

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