CrossFire Last 12 Hrs Beta Mod Apk (MOD Features Beta version)

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CrossFire: Last 12 Hrs mod apk is a great game and it has been downloaded by many people. You don’t have to be an expert to play this amazing game. This CrossFire: Last 12 Hrs mod is very easy to play and you will get the hang of it really fast. If you love shooting games you will definitely enjoy this one.

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CrossFire: Last 12 Hrs mod

This CrossFire: Last 12 Hrs mod is great for kids. Just download crossfire: last 12 hrs apk and let them enjoy the amazing shooting experience. The crossfire series is a popular one among kids so this one is sure to please them. The good news is that this game can be downloaded completely free of cost if you sign up at their website.


If you like classic games then you should try out crossfire. It has all the qualities that are required to make a great game. The graphics are awesome and the shooting is just perfect. The audio is superb as well. You will enjoy every minute of playing the game.


Many people have asked me whether I am free to download the CrossFire: Last 12 Hrs mod apk. Yes, you can download the mod absolutely free of cost. CrossFire: Last 12 Hrs mod is a new release on Google. You can download it from the link given below. The graphics are really good; the story is exciting and you will find everything else including the levels pretty interesting.

Story revolves

The story revolves around a family. The father is a drunkard and tends to get into fights at bars. The mother runs a successful business and tends to bring home the bacon for everyone. The oldest daughter has her own college which she loves. Everything is going swell until one day the dad gets drunk and passes away. A few years later the whole family goes on a vacation and you find yourself in the middle of no where.


This game is so good that it will make you want to play it again. Sometimes I want to find a way to beat the CrossFire challenge without spending any money. That’s when I come across these cheat codes that allow me to enjoy the game without having to buy a new PSP.


One of the best things about playing crossfire on the PSP is being able to find ways around challenges or finish levels much faster than what people can do on the Xbox. You can also download cheats to make the game more fun. These codes are actually very popular, but are banned from the Xbox. Don’t worry though, you can still find a few cheats for this game on the download site.


Crossfire: Last twelve Hrs offers some great visuals and sounds as well. The game also plays just like the original. You will have to find and complete challenges and save the damsel in distress many times while also earning money for doing so. If you really want to get the most out of this game you need to download it right away.

Difficult spots

Some people have trouble getting this game to run properly. If you’re one of those people who has problems with the game or the cheats then this article was written just for you. We will discuss a few of the most difficult spots in the game and how you can make them easier.

Unlimited lives

Specifically we will talk about clipping through objects, unlimited lives and the code for unlimited ammo. After reading this article you should have no problem getting this game running and finishing the level with a good score.

Hardest part

The hardest part for most people is the beginning as they have to find all the way through the levels to get to the gun. This is often a pain as most of the levels are quite long and it can get tedious. However, once you get past this part you can breeze through the rest of the game. Remember to find the invisible barrel at the beginning of every level so that you can get past the enemies without them seeing you.

Hidden barrel

Another trick that can help you get past some of the obstacles is to find the hidden barrel. Sometimes you will have to destroy a lot of objects to find the barrel but it is worth it. If you get lost then you might want to change your guns as some of them have limited uses.


Most of the weapons in CrossFire: Last 12 Hrs have very short ranges and it can be hard to get a kill if you don’t know where the barrel is. This can be fixed by using the codes for unlimited ammo and the quick reload cheat which is explained in the next paragraph.

Quick reload

Some people like to use the quick reload cheat so that they can get more kills in certain levels and be able to level up faster. It’s important to note that this cheat will cause you to lose a lot of money so it might not be worth it for a hardcore gamer.


After you’ve gotten through a couple of levels it’s time to take on the opponent in a head to head battle. With an automatic targeting system this game can be very fun and competitive. Make sure you have fun playing this game, it’s one of the best shooters out there and the graphics and sound add a great deal to the experience.

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