Cross Logic Smart Puzzle Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Hints)

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Cross Logic is a fun time for entertainment. Now the PC is at your beck and call, so cross Logic can be played from anywhere anytime. Cross Logic is a puzzle game that can entertain you for many ages. And this isn’t all! puzzles are also like taking you to the gym.

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Cross Logic Smart Puzzle Apk

Enhance your mind power, cure logical puzzles, improve your memory, play mind games, solve logical puzzles, and fill the levels to win the game. Cross Logic Smart Puzzle apk comes with several features.

It has been developed by Cross Logic Game Studio which is a company known for its fantastic puzzle games. With the Smart Puzzle mod, players can change levels, switch puzzle types and also edit saved games. Smart Puzzle also features several unique features.

Enhance Your Mind Power

Cross Logic Smart Puzzle apk has several exciting levels designed by David Clements. These puzzle games are designed to provide multiple challenges for players. The primary goal of this game is to eliminate all the tiles while matching up the same color.

Different sub-games are available for the players to enjoy like Brain Blast, Zoom Twist, Boulder Race, Polar Twist, etc. Each sub-game is associated with a specific puzzle game. Therefore, the player is required to move his mouse to click on the correct tile and to line up the same color with the adjacent tile.

Type of Puzzle

To avoid confusion, the name of the puzzle and the type of puzzle being played identifies its type. For example, if you are playing IQ, you will be solving logical puzzles. IQ challenges include word search puzzles, math problems and even Tetris games. Cross Logic Smart Puzzle uses an innovative technology called Angular Parallels that makes the game very easy to understand and play.

The game interface of the Cross Logic Smart Puzzle is very simple. For players who have basic computer skills, this game can be played without any difficulties. The main goal of the game is to find out the hidden object puzzle within a given time limit.

Control Strategies

Players can choose to play either one of the two control strategies in the game, or they can opt for the multi-control strategy in the game. The multi-control strategy allows the player to switch between the two control strategies easily. The online version of the game also includes several other game modes for the players to select from.

The multi-game mode of the game allows the player to play against the computer. A list of the available games in the game allows the player to choose one from the list and start playing immediately.

Smart Puzzle

Cross Logic Smart Puzzle provides a high level of challenge to its players. There are various levels of difficulty in online puzzle games. It is a challenging puzzle game for both girls and boys. Even the parents of the young girls can enjoy playing puzzle games with their children. They will get entertained by the fast pace of the action and solving of the puzzles.

Friendly Interface

The game has a very user-friendly interface and anyone can learn the interface within a few minutes. This is the best option for those who do not want to spend hours learning the different functions of the interface.

The other great features of the Cross Logic Smart Puzzle include the multi-player option in the game and the rating system in the game. This allows the players to rate the difficulty of the puzzle game and leave comments about the game on the website.

Main Menu

There is no need of downloading any software or updating the web browser. The main interface and all the operations of the game are available from the main menu. There is an advanced puzzle board that is used to create a unique puzzle. Every puzzle in the Cross Logic Smart Puzzle is designed uniquely so that it cannot be duplicated. The other two games also allow the players to create their own puzzles using the drag and drop features.

Vsanity Fall

The other two Cross Logic Smart Puzzle games include ‘Mindbender’ and ‘Vsanity Fall’. Each of these games allows the players to manipulate objects and animals in many ways. In addition to that, there are different types of animals and objects used in each puzzle. The animal names are written in a beautiful font. ‘Mindbender’ is a puzzle game that requires the player to use his/her mouse to manipulate the mind of the animal.


‘Vsanity Fall’ is a multi-player online game. It allows the players to create their own puzzles using advanced tools. The main aim of the game is to eliminate all the tiles by getting them to the right square and by touching the squares where a beam will be destroyed. After removing all the beams, the player can move to any other square. ‘Mindbender’ is a visually stunning puzzle game.

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