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Crime Revolt PC PvP Shooter – is a darkly atmospheric first person shooter offering players an original take on the classic multiplayer style of play. It allows you to choose between single player and co-op game modes with an optional cooperative mode. You can go head to head with rival crime gangs from all over the world as you make your way through the city, and the game’s story takes place in a brutal backdrop of the penal system and the volatile political climate.

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Crime Revolt

The storyline is told through a series of graphic journal entries written by your character as he makes his way around the city. Each scene is beautifully rendered with eye catching detail, and the darker nights of the night market as well as the bright lights of the nighttime streets combine together to create an extremely realistic online role playing experience.

PvP Shooter

Crime Revolt has a truly distinctive look and the action is very intense. The first person view combined with the attractive graphics and top quality audio create a highly engrossing online game. This Crime Revolt pc PvP shooter delivers hours of action packed excitement as you take on opponents in its single and co-op game modes, where skill, patience and a good deal of teamwork are required. The exciting thing about Crime Revolt, is that it does this in a manner that is both engrossing and memorable.

Story of Crime Revolt

The story of Crime Revolt, revolves around a group of young vigilantes who find themselves caught up in a power struggle within their own gang. They team up and devise a number of different methods to fight the enemy and defend themselves, like the old school boxing style. It’s a very good read. The graphics are first class and they mesh well with the overall tone of the story. I liked the story and it kept me interested throughout.

Crime Revolt Features

Crime Revolt features some excellent first-person shooter PC gameplay. The game has an overall darker theme but it’s not as twisted and realistic as other similar first-person shooter games. I personally don’t like first-person shooters but Crime Revolt held my interest because the action felt like an organic part of the game instead of a cut scene. The 3D graphics are pretty good even for a low budget title and the action is satisfying when done right.

Episodes of Crime Revolt

The first couple of episodes of Crime Revolt were free but the episodes later on were either paid or had some ads placed on them. If you want to try out the first season, the first episode is free and the first season is available for download on iTunes or iptv (free to iPhone and iPad).

If you don’t want to spend money on something that might not be worth it, you can always get the iPhone version or the iPad version of Crime Revolt on its website and play for free. The Android version should also be available soon.

Game Modes

The mod team promises that future episodes will feature more free content as well as new free maps and game modes, so don’t worry too much about the lack of content. They said they are working on balancing the amount of crime on screen versus actual crime so you won’t have to kill anyone to earn your money.

Earn Money

My guess is they won’t completely remove the need to kill people to earn money in the future episodes, at least not completely. As for what they did change, they added a “loot crate” to the loot system so players would have a more detailed look at how the criminal activities occur in Crime Revolt.

Loot Crate

The “loot crate” comes with an interactive mini-game that asks you to pick up items of interest. For example, you could find an entire crate full of money, yet after picking it up you couldn’t use it or sell it. Some crates are worth more than others. It’s a neat little addition, but one that doesn’t necessarily add a lot of value to the game experience.

Mod Apk

It also ties in nicely with the storyline, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that this feature isn’t going to be making Crime Revolt Online Shooter mod apk downloads much bigger than they already are. Which is just fine since the mod is still fun to play.


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