Crime Mysteries Find objects Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Crime Mysteries is one of the top-rated apps on iPhones and iPad devices. The application offers pure entertainment value for users. Crime Mysteries utilizes simple yet addictive elements such as matching puzzle pieces to bust big criminals and enhancing the gameplay with various other features.

In addition, the application will also allow users to become professional detectives that are seeking for missing suspects through mystery cases. With the assistance of this application, players can easily solve different crime scenes and catch perpetrators by utilizing their photographic skills and analysis skills.

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Crime Scene

The main goal of the game is for a detective to investigate any crime scene and figure out what have happened there. The use of digital devices is very popular in this game since they are very helpful in the solving of different puzzles. For example, digital photography is very useful in Crime Mysteries because the detective has to use it to point out certain items or locations within a crime scene.

He can also make use of objects found at the scene of the crime to determine certain factors that affect the level of scent left at the scene, or any other factor that affects the trail of the culprit.

Hidden Objects

There are a total of 40 different hidden objects in the application. Each object is labeled with a color that helps players identify them easily. Some of the objects include photos, maps, movies, videos, real keys and numbers. However, to get the maximum points, the player should collect all the hidden objects in each level, which can be done by collecting all the coins that appear in each level.

Primary Tool

The primary tool in solving crimes is the Camera which enables the player to view a certain area and reveal clues by pointing the camera at the object or location. The application utilizes a technique called Reverse Image Polarity change where a photo is taken from a certain position and then it is transformed using a different image.

With the help of the Camera, the player can rotate and flip certain elements of the images, such as the photos, to reveal the hidden objects. The detection of the culprit is made possible by the Camera by detecting patterns in the images that will give clues as to their position.

Mystery Case Files

In the world of Mystery Case Files, each level features new challenges and new discoveries. This further increases the level’s difficulty as each new puzzle requires more time and concentration in order to solve it. However, solving the puzzles still depends on the player’s guess and skill. The presentation is quite nice and colorful as well as easy to understand.

Although the overall look and concept may look like an ordinary puzzle game, there is actually something special about this puzzle-solving application. It has become one of the most popular applications for PCs and mobile phones and was ranked number one in its class in the category of Top Grossing Mobile Games on Moby comics.

Combination of Puzzle

Crime Mysteries on Android offers a nice combination of puzzle play and real-time action. The story of the application revolves around a young girl who needs to find out who kidnapped her best friend. The android version of the application features a few exciting features that you won’t find in its PC version. It uses a modern color engine to provide a great gaming experience. If you love crime mysteries, then you’ll definitely enjoy playing this game on your android phone.

Matching Pictures

Unlike other Mystery games where you just have to find the right and matching pictures and objects, in Crime Mysteries on Android you’ll have to use your brain in order to solve the mystery. As you match the correct picture with the corresponding clue in each stage, you’ll get to see photos that will reveal further details about the scene of the crime.

The matching photos reveal important information, which can help you narrow down your search for the criminal. If you’re into puzzle-solving activities, then this game is definitely a great choice for you.


The biggest challenge in solving the mystery through this mod is that you have to use your brain in this one. The game really gets to a thrilling point when you actually need to use your wits in solving crimes. I’ve heard people who are impressed with how Crime Mysteries on Android solves crimes better than some of the other puzzle games, and they must have played it quite a while back.


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