Crazy Dino Park Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Coins)

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Crazy Dinosaurs Inc. is a desktop-based arcade-style game on Android devices and iPhones. In this download, you will need to save the world of T-Rex, which has fallen upon the earth and destroyed everything. You control the fate of this crazy prehistoric animal and its three friends by earning money and delivering goods.

Crazy Dinosaur Park is not just a regular arcade game where you earn money but a unique one that includes a number of activities like riding and driving vehicles, controlling different characters of the Crazy Museum, and excavating the grounds for different kinds of statues, and much more.

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Crazy Dino Park

It is built on the powerful Adaption technology by Crazy Dino Park and uses an application called Apk Lite to allow the user to take maximum advantage of their screen real estate. This is the latest release of this amazing game and includes all the amazing content of the original Crazy Dinosaurs along with a number of new additions that make this version far more exciting and fun.

The amazing graphics and high-quality sound effects have been given a major update in this version. The screen is filled with the colors you would find in real life and the special effects are done in the most realistic way.

Exciting Levels

Downloading this game is free of cost and there are many exciting levels available once you enter the Crazy Dinosaurs Park and start working your way through the levels. The main storyline revolves around saving T-Rex from extinction and also introduces you to some strange and wonderful creatures. The whole story is about a group of paleontologists who get stranded in an island paradise after crashing on it with dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Survived

Once rescued they discover that these dinosaurs survived thanks to their incredible powers and so started forming a secret team to protect Earth. You can help them in protecting Earth from the wicked dinosaurs by following the clues and going through several stages that slowly give way to another mysterious location.

Destroy Everything

These creatures aren’t as friendly as they seem though. They tend to destroy everything in sight and you will definitely need some help if you want to survive. Fortunately, you are provided with helpful tools such as the fence and also the parachute so you are able to survive the attacks of these creatures.

Love Crazy Dino

However, if you like action you will surely love Crazy Dino Park as it features a wide range of exciting levels and activities. In fact, a huge amount of time is spent on these activities since they are very interesting and provide players with an experience, unlike any other normal game.

Several Areas

As far as the content of the game is concerned, it is divided into several areas. One is T-Rex Cove where the main storyline is set. Here you will have to save the prehistoric creatures and their home by facing off against a massive T-Rex.

In this area, you will also find several other exciting features such as water, fences, and also structures that help you build your house. Each area of the Crazy Dino Park has its own unique storyline that will keep you hooked on the screen until you complete all the quests in the level.

Crazy Dinosaurs Park

The next area of this Crazy Dinosaurs Park is called the Caves of extinction. Here, you will have to save the most dangerous dinosaurs and their habitat by using several well-placed attractions and decorative items available only in this place. The caves feature several secret passages that will enable you to get inside the park and take care of the vicious T-Rex before entering the actual facility.

Dangerous Creatures

Some of the most dangerous creatures in the park include lava lizards, bulldozers, triceratops, and many more. You will find all these featured in the Caves of Existence and thus will make sure that you spend lots of time in this section of the Crazy Dino Park.

New Dino Park

The third area in this new dino park is called the Mysteries hiding place. Here you will have to investigate some ancient civilizations left behind by the T-Rex some hundred million years ago. This area offers several interesting features such as puzzles, hidden areas, secret passages, and a few other surprises. The puzzles in this section are designed to test your wits and intelligence. Besides, you will also find a number of dino fossils spread throughout the place.

Final Area

The fourth and final area for this exciting download is called the laboratory. In this section, you will have to solve a number of mind-boggling puzzles and also use some of the available Jurassic Park toys and dinosaurs to solve the puzzle.


The laboratory of this Crazy Dinosaur Park is divided into several sections namely the anatomical lab, the bacterial lab, and the dinosaur embryo lab. The anatomical lab is where you will be able to find information about the various prehistoric creatures found in this exciting download. Further, you will also be able to find many of the Jurassic Park collectibles to decorate your room with.

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