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Crash Fever is one of those games that will keep you coming back for more. It is a challenging game, full of action-packed fun. The mechanics of the game keep players on their toes because of its different elements such as health bars that drop over time and enemies to fight. When playing, it is important to read and understand the information below to get the maximum benefits.

Crash Fever offers two different ways to play the game: the co-op puzzle game and the split-screen mode. In the co-op puzzle game, two players are chosen and put into the game together. Each player takes on the role of a playable character who starts at level one.

They are given a limited amount of lives to complete their mission and the player who dies first, or loses all their lives, is eliminated from the game.

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During the verses split-screen mode, one or two players are selected and placed in different areas of Crash Fever’s Crash Fever world. One of them acts as the healer while the other performs the job of fighting enemies and puzzles. This player has a limited amount of lives and can revive as soon as they fall down.

When the player needs to be revived they need to travel to the puzzle area, where they will need to perform a number of tasks in order to regain their energy. These jobs include attacking an enemy, healing themselves, picking up objects, and defending themselves from barriers.

Crash Fever Features

Crash Fever features a unique and exciting martial arts battling game. Its attacks and skills are fueled by special FXs and other features that allow it to react to each and every attack. Each character in Crash Fever possesses its own unique characteristics.

They can perform special moves and attacks such as jumping, slicing, breaking glass, and breaking barrels. A well-done animation shows off Crash’s powerful punches and kicks. In addition, Crash has a powerful midair jump that can help him easily get across large gaps.

The Crash Team Racing

The Crash Team Racing PSP version features a number of features that set it apart from other RPGs. One of these is Crash Bandicoot is featured as a playable character. He is able to transform into his robot form, which he uses to attack enemies. Furthermore, the camera view can be adjusted according to the player’s needs, giving the gamer a greater degree of control over the action. Several special effects add excitement to this thrilling game.

Customizable Character

One of the interesting things about Crash Fever is its use of customizable characters and vehicles. Players have the ability to design their own character and choose from various Crash costumes to wear during playtime. Characters consist of Crash Bandicoot, N.Gin, Dr. Neo Cortex, Tiny Tiger, and Dr. Neo Cortex. Crash can also change into different vehicles, including the Batmobile, P.B. 5, and Wii Fit Bike.

Asian Visual Style

Crash Fever has a distinctive Asian visual style implying lots of bright colors. Using an overhead perspective, Crash Fever utilizes stylized images that make up for excellent picture quality. Viewers are treated to an exciting opening scene in which Crash jumps from the top of a tall building into a black vehicle, resembling a jet plane.

Crashlands on a grassy desert area after destroying a couple of minibusses, sending a cloud of dust flying in the direction of several vehicles on the horizon. Several Japanese characters can be seen in the background; they give Crash an extra helping hand in the game’s events.


Crash Fever is available for play on the PSP with a few free downloadable songs and a limited amount of lives. The multi-player mode allows two to four people to take on Crash in single-player mode and try to shoot their way through thirty stages spread across three environments (the forest, desert, and city environments).

The various Crash Fever customizations include clothing choices, skin colors, and hairstyles. To add to the online multiplayer action, the Crash Fever stage can also be selected when playing Crash Fever on the Wii.

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