Crab War Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Pearls)

Team up with Crab War and challenge the deadliest reptiles in the world with the legendary giant king crab. Play Crab War online to add new elements to your favorite game. Crab War PC is an online game that you can conveniently take part in while relaxing at home.

It can also be enjoyed while you travel on business trips or vacation. If you are new to this game, here are some tips on how to improve your gameplay.

Crab War Apk

There are four stages at every level of the game. To win each stage, you must defeat all the opponents and collect star points. Every stage has different challenges depending on the enemy species you are fighting. When you play crab war PC, you must use different abilities depending on which type of reptile you are dealing with. Some of the available abilities include stomping, grabbing, tail dragging, leaping, and pouncing.

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The Enemies

The enemies you will encounter while playing this unique online strategy game have several unique characteristics. Firstly, they have their very own special abilities. They also have some very useful defensive features including spikes and hard shells. Some of their weak features include tiny mouths, weak eyesight, and slow movements. A few of the powerful abilities they have include crushing claws, crushing knees, and powerful tail strikes.

Exciting Features

One of the most exciting features of Crab War is the ability to pit your wits against the crabs and learn more about their intelligence. You can choose to play as one of the evil three bad guys, the evil queen, the evil king, and the human heroes.

The storyline revolves around a nuclear meltdown at an underground facility where scientists were testing some sort of serum. The serum had apparently magical effects on the reptiles and they transformed into powerful warriors. The game brings this change about and it makes the game captivating as well as thrilling.


Part of Crab War

Another exciting part of Crab War involves the use of the human characters as the leaders of the robotic army. This forces the players to think quickly and decide wisely at critical moments. The leader is chosen by the player after winning a battle and must be killed in order for the humans to win.

This makes this game extra challenging as one has to consider carefully the decisions they make concerning which character to sacrifice.

Fast Pace Storyline

Android users enjoy Crab War as it looks great on their mobile devices. Android users find the game features interesting and they are constantly entertained through a fast-paced storyline that keeps them hooked on the game. They are not left out of the action either as the game offers enough levels for all the levels of playing ability.

It has been created using the powerful Android engine that provides you with an amazing gaming experience. The graphics are very good and the screen resolution is fine. It also has a variety of sound effects to offer the best gaming experience to those who want nothing but the best in all things Android.

Crab War Arena

Crab War: Arena is one of the free Android games that have been created by Crypton Future Media. It is extremely fun and exciting to play due to its awesome sound and video elements. If you are an android user and are looking for a game that is exciting, has great graphics and sound effects, and is fast-paced then you should definitely download the free version of the game Crab War: Arena.


The different stages in the game offer many challenges and the various stages have their own theme as well as feature different sets of creatures and robots to fight against. There are four different unlock abilities that can be used at different points of the game, these include the ability to morph, jump and attack with strength, speed and wisdom.

There are also several power-ups and bonuses that can help players to increase their chances of winning the game. Players also have the option to choose between different game modes which include the verses, survival, and Endless modes to customize the game experience and provide an intense battle from start to finish.


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