Cover Fire Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Currency/VIP 5)

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Cover Fire is one of the most sought-after and well-received mod for free android phones. If you are also looking for an amazing free android app, you should definitely try Cover Fire. It is a highly addictive game that will really give you the needed adrenalin rush. But how does it work?

Cover Fire

Cover Fire is a free multi-player action-packed game offering exciting sniper moments, awesome cover fire effects and a huge number of weapons to use in your missions. With stunning visuals, stunning audio effects and an engrossing storyline that’s full of twists and turns, Cover Fire is definitely an enjoyable experience for mobile gamers. Get the latest version of Cover Fire, A mod for free android phones now!


In Cover Fire, you must shoot all the enemies before they reach their objective. You can switch between several attack weapons to destroy your enemies. Your mission is to eliminate all the enemies without being hit. The mission objectives are set at specific locations and time limits. The maps are beautifully created and the game features a variety of settings and themes which will surely keep you engaged in a fascinating action-packed battle.


The main character of Cover Fire is the sniper named Shade, who is armed with a number of weapons to annihilate her enemies. However, to successfully complete the mission, you’ll need to earn the approval of the lead character, an elite special forces soldier named Brice. Unlock the amazing mod menu apk today so you can start experiencing the thrill and excitement of Cover Fire in a very short period of time!

Army Troops

When you’ve finally started the mod, you’ll be introduced to a number of different characters like Shade, who is a sharpshooter and carries a number of powerful weapons; Brice, a sharpshooter who has an amazing sniper rifle; and of course, there’s also goalie, a tough guy who can withstand bullets and comes equipped with many powerful weapons himself.

Throughout the game, you’ll also meet many other interesting characters, including terrorists and army troops. These forces will do everything in their power to stop your heroes from attaining their goal of saving the world.

Primary Force

The storyline revolves around a war going on between two armies that have been each started from different sides. Each of them has different goals, and by shooting down the primary force, your heroes can move to the next level, which involves shooting down the main force.

Level Features

As mentioned earlier, each level features different weapons, vehicles, enemies, and challenges which will make the game highly dynamic. In fact, Cover Fire boasts one of the most exciting gameplay ever seen in a video game, and it is guaranteed to give you hours of fun and excitement as you struggle to shoot down the evil forces.

Shooter Gameplay

One of the best things about Cover Fire is its great look and awesome shooter gameplay. The unique cartoon-like artwork done in 3D gives the game a truly modern look.

This is especially true in the cut scenes where the story is told, and the gunfire effects and the fast pace of the game help to make the game look pretty realistic and fun. Furthermore, the full-screen mode helps to make everything look sharp and detailed, even when the resolution is low.


In short, Cover Fire for Android is one of the best examples of an online tournament application where players are given a chance to show off their real skills. With the realistic graphics and top-notch gameplay, it is easy to see why this is one of the best games for Android available today.

By combining well-designed gameplay and some of the most innovative features for a mobile phone, Cover Fire is sure to be a hit for everyone who gets to enjoy it.

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